Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harvard grad, Nat's Free !

Looking a little pale, nervous, tired and dishevelled, with an undergrowth of sparcely rooted facial hair, otherwise known as a beard, Nat Tan walked out of detention at Bukit Perdana Cyber-crime Division of the Police Force today a little after 5.10 p.m.

Together with fellow bloggers, Zorro, O.B.E. and A Voice, a small group of Keadilan supporters and a lawyer, his family and girl-friend Li-Tsin, I was truely glad Nat Tan was finally released from a detention of 4 days, for reasons only the police think is law justified ! This draconian ISA or OSA and unlawful detention HAS to be abolished....period !
As far as I was concerned, Nat the blogger, was free and that was that !
Guess he will need a lot of catching-up of 'quality time' with his family, for the 4 lost days !
Cheers to Nat Tan !


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bro, Nat is not a hero. Nat is a PKR member, the same low level as Tian Chua whom everybody knows as a publicity seeker with his cheap stunt. Nat is not a writer, he is JUST a blogger. He is not smart but tried to be cunning. It is not worth the space in cyber to defend him. Am not a fan of Pak Lah but if all of you stoop too low for Nat, then your credibility as Bloggers will be gone, just like ES Chua. Do not say OSA is draconian or not good. Do not say the same about ISA. Both laws have their own uses. Maybe, this time, it hit you where it hurts and every blogger came running to defend him. One fine day, Pak Lah or any of his crony may be subjected under the same Act, and everyone, including you, I am sure, will say thank God we have the laws. The police now are much softer than the past team. I would be happy if they just shoot all robbers, criminals in the country. Why waste time in court when you know Bentong Kali was responsible for the deaths of many people? After all, I am sure the police will not resort to arrest any Tim, Dick and Harry if they do not have concrete evidence on their wrong-doings. Please be rational. Just remember PKR, a not so smart party with one agenda - to instal Anwar Ibrahim as the PM, which I shudder to think what would happen to our country if that ever occurs. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21,

This has nothing to do with Nat being a Keadilan member or Anwar's adviser. This is about people in the government abusing the OSA to intimidate the ordinary people. We know that a certain deputy minister is flexing his muscles after being freed of corruption allegations. why did the police nab Nat only after his release?

And what OSA documents are we talking about?

Anon, you are right, the OSA and the ISA have their purposes. But they are so opened to abuse. So many people have been detaind under the ISA to shut them or neutralise them, including Anwar himself, the great Samad Ismail, Abdullah Ahmad, Kit Siang, etc. The ISA was introduced to fight the communists and other armed terrorists but what is it today?

I am not a PKR supporter but I am with Nat or whoever, regardless of race, religion and colour, who is victimised by the OSA and the ISA.

Good work Shanghai and thank you for being there. Not many people are as brave.

zorro said...

Well said Prisoner of Love. Anon10.21 it will do you good to shrug off some boulders your shoulders are laboring under.We were there for NAT. He is a blogger and we stood by him. We were there for his vigils. We spoke at the vigils....all these because NAT is a blogger. ISA, OSA, even the kitchen knife have their uses. It is how you use it anon, that separates villains from men of good will.When NAT finally tore away from his Keadilan friends he came across the road, and shouted HIDUP BLOGGERS at four of us who were there to witness his release. So, anon, what's wrong with this. Smell the coffee buddy and not the mess that hit the fan.

eva's haven said...

Good news!
Nathaniel and family should consider taking legal action against those responsible if his detention was unconstitutional and unjust.

cheers mr shanghai!

shar101 said...

Anon (10.21am),

The four of us were there because Nat was detained without justifiable cause by the RMP.

The fact that we know him personally and he's a blogger too does not diminish the injustice that befell him.

We wrote on this matter and took the extra step to be physically present during Nat's release. We are willing to put up our credibility as bloggers to be judged by others despite being out-numbered by PKR supporters.

And please stop making ad hominem statements like "I would be happy if they just shoot all robbers..." while hiding behind anonymity.

It reflects on your wishy-washy stand on real issues.

Mat Salo said...

Well said, bro'...

Anon's (behind cloak of Anonymity)argument is fallacious: He said, the OSA and ISA has it's purposes and wheh PL or his cronies or get arrested under this Act, people will be happy and say Thank God for the ISA. Wake up! Come on.. How can you sign a detention order on your own sweet self? If he's talking sometime about the future, then that becomes a moot point. You can't ISA someone if they're out of country, or dead. Anyway, that becomes irrelevvant. Be honest now, what is the ISA (ab) used for?

Anyway, I do agree that OSA and ISA had (note the past tense) its uses. But tell me now, to whom are the ISA/OSA book often thrown at? Opposition politicians and people "critical" of the gomen, yes?

Pak Samad? Kit Siang? Karpal? RPK? Hisham Rais? Anwar? Tian Chua? You call these people terrorist and communist?

Anyway, I applaud Zorro, Shar, Stephen and the rest of the fine, upstanding upright citizens of the country to uphold our laws while peacefully campaigning for Nat's release.

I salute you.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Sorry I couldnt join you guys Tuesday evening.

Perhaps The Scribe A Kadir Jasin is doing the right thing by blocking anonymous commentors in his blog. Seems these buggers are the ones getting everybody else in deep shit.

the witch's broo said...

My heart went out to Nat's family when he was detained.
I know someone whose father was detained under the ISA years ago.
I know what her family went through. The anguish, the pain.

OSA, ISA.... no difference. They are draconian. Relevant and useful only to dictators and despots.
remember, the possession of unlimited power will make a despot of almost any man, for there is a possible Nero in the gentlest human creature that walks.


Shanghai Fish said...

ancient mariner, well said but then some have genuine reasons to be cloaked in anonimity...

to anon 10.21...you are alone on this...very judgemental approach !but if you do comment without fear and within reasons...you'll understand why we do what we do !

and to prisoner of love, eva's haven, zorro, orang minyak aka mat salo, shar and witch's broo thanks for the kind words ( for Nat and his family !) and continue to rock on ! You guys are cool. Cheers !