Monday, July 30, 2007

Of hypocrites and their prey !

Now that you 've had a good idea and the meaning of hypocrites, we now go about trying to come to terms of these vermins in our midsts !! (also see pic of the week- in tune with cyberspace name-calling !)

Yes,.... you meet them in the office, in Parliament, in pubs, around your neighbourhood, at shopping malls, on the streets, at places of worship, at home, as a matter of fact you can even meet them inside a lift ! They appear as friends , relatives, teachers (religious or otherwise) perfect gentlemen, perfect ladies, politicians or distinguished notaries or just plain stooges of the government ! In short , people whom you have had a fair share of trust placed upon or had convinced you to share your faith with them in all sincerety and hope.... and betrayal or being betrayed is the last thing on your mind ! See you'd go that extra mile to promote them or even give an arm or a leg to protect them !

And thats why you'd feel screwed and drained of life after they have stabbed you in the back and while you bleed, are gloating over your misplaced trust, sincerely laid bare, before them for their manipulation. Your faith in human-kind is certainly at its lowest and "trust" is the most despicable word in your vocabulary ! These hypocrites live off of an alter ego, a figment of their deluded imagination and go on to live off of another unsuspecting victim.

And you are still coming to terms with yourself for being so foolishly naive' and vulnerable in your choice of "people you trust" ! need a change hhmmmm....or you sure are screwed again, man.....sigh !

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