Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh no ! NOT RELA ...please !

What do you get when you dress-up a "failed wannabe" cop or soldier in a real uniform, with no "professional" training, complete with handcuffs, baton or perhaps even a gun and give him powers to demand to check your personal documents and arrest if you cannot produce them ? You get RELA !

Yes... these "part-time" cops/soldiers/enforcers have gotten more power, thanks to the soon-to-be "take-over" of the management of depots housing illegal immigrants ( here) proudly initiated by our Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad (pic. above) !

RELA-loosely made up of mostly "wannabes" have had a notorious reputation of once photographing an illegal female urinating after being arrested a raid at a night-spot and after 3 hours, who couldn't hold her bladder....remember that incident ? And do you also remember the many illegals extorted of cash when rounded-up by these morons at "kongsis" and the poor illegal who drowned in a river, while being pursued by this ruthless half-baked idiots with little or no proper training who masquerade as police and enforcement officers ? To the eyes of an illegal anyone in a uniform is assumed, vested with powers to arrest him/ naturally when caught they have to beg for mercy and are in turn negotiated to either pay-up or offer "other" services (if the illegal in question here is a female , right ?) Don't pretend you do not know of these and other goings-on....sheeesh, where have you been ??

I've heard of friends who have been to "visit" some of these detainees and they've confessed that it cost a detainee RM10.00 to "borrow" a cell phone from guards to make a local call amongst others !! Can you believe it ? Of course there are other ways to "make that payment" too..... especially if you're a female detainee, and a good-looking one too ........get my drift ?? Whether in cash or kind, there's big money in these "part-time" jobs !!

It is just that if these activities were exposed these squealer's would be further victimised.....whether they are in a holding/detention camp or in prison !

And who says we're not a police state...... of course we are...when we dress everyone in uniform, why not....and more contracts to top-up the already lucrative uniform-making tailors !

And while we're on the subject of "part-time" jobs....even the most dreaded scumbags of our civil society... the infamous "mat-rempits" are soon to be "gainfully employed" by UMNO Youth........providing transport services to polling stations, during the coming elections ! Hmmmmmm.......their "passengers" would either be raped or robbed or both even before they can arrive at the polling stations, trust me !

Read my earlier posting on this RELA buggers .... here !

Why not use our National Service "kids" to do the above jobs instead ?Huh...they'd be fact for free, they've got uniforms, educated to Form 5 and they would actually be doing the nation a meaningful service ! Cost effective ? Less contracts given out ? No......? Just a loose "wicked" thought man.......hmmmmm!


zorro said...

Shang,you not pulling my legs about this RELA caper? This is like a pre CNY angpow to this new innovative brainchild of our BN govt. God protect the women detainees at these detention centres. The home-embassies of these detainees should supply their female citizens with prick-crushing chastity-belts. You figure there is money if we go into this legitimate business....I have a few ideas....we will talk this over over some malts tomorrow night. Dang....I am getting angry water please Loy!

Just got a call from a source, the Immigration Dept is taking over from the Prisons' Dept. A few rela guys were seen in the Semiyih Detentions centre manning the sentry post. You think they will slowly by slowly usurp the power of the IMMIGRATION DEPT.? Will relay more information to you when the Migration Working Group come out from their meeting this evening.Meanshile Hantu is hovering around Semiyih straight from the Royal Commission of Inquiry at Jl. Duta. 5 more hours of dehydration.Dang.

Anonymous said...

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary."
James Madison

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! That bit about the Mat Rempits being used to ferry voters to the polling station is just a-begging for a cartoon.
I am sure Lat or Reggie could draw a Mat Rempit doing a wheelie with a Mak cik, with selendang fluttering in the wind, clinging on for dear life on the pillion seat!

Anonymous said...

Just a note of clarification.

Is the gal in the peeing case really 'illegal' ?

In RPK's latest article on this case that is being heard in the High Court on 17-18 Jan, it is mentioned in his article that she's a Muslim but didn't say she's illegal.

All you know she's maybe a local Muslim gal. RPK mentioned that Malay gals/guys who worked at discos particularly, have been caught and harrassed by this Rela nuts / police, who demand some sort of out of court settlement, which include sex and extortion.

Rockybru said...

Kalau RELA, saya tak rela!

Anonymous said...

national service kids? mana boleh. simple SS, no contract no moneylah. and the mat rempits are old enough to vote. pay them to ferry voters, one for them and two for us lor. after then , one for them again to vote BN and two for us lor again.
where to find the cash to fund this? simple lah SS again. ask CKC on Port Klang Fleece Trade Zone lor.

Anonymous said...

"That government is best which governs least".

Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

hey, these guys dont even know the difference between an indon illegal and a diplomats wife, the story i guess everyone knows!.... that hs resulted in the indon press fanning the 'fires of hate' between malaysia and indonesia...and here our home minister claimed that these RELA guys are highly trained to detect illegals, as far as track records show these guys had created bad blood between our country and indonesia.......they are only volunteers and are paid allowances. unlike the prison department who send their wardens to the taiping prison to undergo 3 years of training before being posted to the respective prisons around the country....i feel sorry for the detainees...when these so called highly trained guys take over the the detention centres.