Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr.Prime Minister, touching !

Seems the PM and everyone in BN are very "concerned" about the so-called " serious internal rifts" in the Opposition !!! Hahahaha ! What a joke !
But I guess playing the "devil's advocate" does make the man-in-the-street think there's really bigger "problems" in PR and thus cleverly diverting the more and major pressing issues that begs answers within BN circus ! Sir, have you solved and can you please come out clean to explain to the rakyat all those on-going and unresolved "crap" within BN ??? Put your house in order Mr. Prime Minister before trying to hypnotise the masses with your "deep concerned sympathy" for the Opposition, really ! ( here )

Care to explain the missing jet engines, unsinkable submarine, PKFZ, money politics, in-fighting and finger-pointing within the now irrelevant MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan and in UMNO too , puppet judiciary, kangaroo courts and corrupt and biased police force, mat-rempit related street crimes, politician controlled media, failed 1Malaysia, Teoh Beng Hock, Altantuya, Kugan, corrupt riddled former MB Toyo's "palace", unaccounted billions of ringgits squandering by the former premier claims and of course the "kaywhy" totting Saiful ?
Well with all these aboved-mentioned mysteries still unexplained and still nagging the minds of the rakyat, money-lured "frogs" and BN "plants" in the Opposition is like a "siblings" quarrel.
Take care and clean-up the BN house first , Sir ........the Opposition surely can sort out theirs with a "broom" ( read the "thinking" rakyat ) faster and surely cleaner. It's just a matter of weeding-out the "plants" and identifying the half-baked attention-seekers !!
Hehehe....good try Mr. PM...... honestly I'm very touched by your concern !


mohd ali ismail said...

well said, man, and I hope Mr Prime Minister sees your comment and put his home in order to get back his integrity and support of the people.Otherwise come PRU 13 BN is history.

Anonymous said...

In politics when you are in trouble laways remember to introduce a red herring. It works all the time. It is the job of the MSM to keep the government on its toes.They are in deep sleep. It is now incumbent on the Bolgs to fill that gap in a rssponsible manner. Ramalx

Unknown said...

Mao Tse Tung used to say that when the world is in chaos, he likes it. And thats an honest statement!

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. PM, do all of the above. It seems to me that the Big Bad Wolf is comforting Goldilock. Beware of the boiling pot of water.