Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the "suckcess" of 1Malaysia

The reason Najib's 1Malaysia is considered "pure rubbish" is because it is truly being undermined to the max by one particular newspaper Utusan Malayu and the father of all racists and now irrelevant ex-Premier, the great Tun.

A paper that disseminates propaganda and hatred of fellow men and a man who systematically divided the races and himself denounced his roots is surely a perfect partnership for great success. What a shameful combination this is for Najib, even as we speak, he's bragging to Sibuites in Sarawak about his
"suckcesful 1Malaysia" right now ! You wanna think the simple people of Sibu are not connected to the rest of the world ? Think again ! ( here )

From the very beginning Najib's 1Malaysia was a failure because it pointed out to us normal citizens of nothing new when what we had been doing for so long from the 50's as Malayans and we did not need his 1 this and 1 that to tell us how we should live as 1 ! There was genuine respect and brotherhood then ....until May 13 1969 and the rise of a "simple doctor from Alor Setar " ! And everyone knew about it but Najib ! Can somebody up there tell him who's doing him in ?

Then comes the other one kissing a keris and swearing to spill the blood of all others in the name of wanting to unite the Malays ! And yet another Iblisrahim who wants to be a watch-dog for everything non-Malay ! Does this make any sense anymore ? Of course this gives birth or rebirth to extremist groups like PERKASA, GERTAK, GEMPAH, KETUANAN or MAMPUS and with who better to boost this
"half-baked morons and foot soldiers" crusade then the old manipulator from Kerala, India as grand inquisitor, who now himself comfortably goes by as a Malay! Damn !

There were many of us, posting in blogs on how to shed the May 13
"fear factor" long before March 8, 2008 that saw BN loose heavily and now this reenactment of May 13 by these idiots is surely screwing Najib's 1Malaysia big time, and with tax-payers monies too !

Can the PM put a stop to these gatherings ? Has he the guts to arrest these goons for they are a threat to national stability and messing his 1Malaysia plans ? Should he order water cannons and FRU to stop this "uncivilised" gathering ? Can he warn the IGP to
"stand-down" ? Can he summon those responsible including the Tun to face him or his momma, immediately ? Remember, the world and the rakyat is watching you !

If he cannot do any of the above suggestions that will surely rock his 1Malaysia plans, then he can take his 1Malaysia crap and shove it up in his 1hole where the sun don't shine !


Anonymous said...

Good and appropriate time to use the Sedition Act and the ISA for those out to cause racial trouble.

K L said...

If the brainless Rally is on in KT on May 13, Najib should organise a rally of 1Malaysia in Kg Bahru on the same day.