Sunday, May 02, 2010

If PERKASA is not racist then I'm a Malay !

If it is rightfully enshrined in the federal constitution, is there a need to create an off-shoot organisation to safe-guard and champion that right ? Certainly I would not worry, right ? It is a written law that must to be up-held in any court in the country, yes ? ( here ) So why now PERKASA ?

We who are born and breed here, only want to be treated with respect and as equal without our origins being screamed and branded upon us. I have always maintained I am Malaysian first (unlike one Indonesia origined DPM who wants to be a Malay first and Malaysian there-after) and I have no allegiance to any foreign sovereignty nor do I pay my taxes to India or China or Portugal or even Timbaktu for that matter.

Now every dumbo wants to justify and defend the despicable agenda of PERKASA and what it stands for now. If PERKASA is not a racist movement then Hitler's Third Reich is a Shoalin monastery, Utusan Malaysia is the Koran and I am a Malay. How about that ?

Alternatively we can all also sing the
"NegaraKu" without a candle and not get arrested but be praised as model citizens....more crap ! ( here )


rick said...

As I was driving back to Melaka along the NS highway this evening, I was shocked when a mat rempit overtook me while doing a superman stunt!!!

Mind you - traffic was higher than usual as I am used to travelling back to Melaka on weekends.

Bloody shit - these people needs to be severely punished by some other means. Singing our national anthem is not the way.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this part of the democratic process? What happened to 'the right to this and that'?

Well, when there's too much freedom, it leads to abuse. But this is good for the other races because now there's PAS, UMNO and PERKASA trying to compete with MIC, Hindraf, PPP,Tamil Tigers etc.

Heck, it is just like watching TV. Switch channels if you do not like the programme, not burn the set!