Thursday, March 24, 2011

sue, sue, sue everybody !

Yes, as the title suggests, in a corrupt country like ours, that must be the best way to teach some irresponsible scumbags a lesson !

A man is not guilty until proven so or so the adage goes, but just look at the way the media has played out so boldly and as their headlines too ! Is this responsible journalism ? And paedophiles and porn actors are protected specie only in a government equally as sinful and corrupt as the perpetrators !

Anwar was mentioned by name as the lead male with a foreign prostitute in a 17 minute video clip produced by somewhat frustrated and desperate persons of definitely questionable history, clumsily edited and in a black and white porno movie sneak-peek for journalists from selected medias.

Next thing you know the UMNO government was again abuzz with yet another ill-planned and "supposedly" juicy sex scandal only to be back-fired on their stupid faces as a devious and cunning scam unfolded to add to the many other sodomy related scams the UMNO government has conjured up since the old lying dictator and now irrelevant Tun orchestrated his first "sodomee" flick way back then !

Anwar could sue all the media both electronic and print that carried his name on the related video sex clip on their front pages, sue the 3 scheming Datuk Tees individually and collectively, sue the government, sue the police for protecting that paedophile ( I am surprised how this thamby fellow still carries a Datuk title ?), the actor and the producer collectively known as Datuk T (or Tiga 3Abduls, but with all due respect to the late P.Ramlee !), sue the hotel for allowing such a press conference to take place in it's premises, sue every hotel staff who so as much as snicker sheepishly whenever Anwar's name is mentioned, sue the MACC, sue the religious department or JAIS for not taking action on these sinners with counselling and showing these 3Abduls the path to righteousness and just for the heck of it sue Mahathir for his ill-gotten billions ! Why not ? In fact if he's not stupid, he should !

Go on Anwar.....just sue everyone ! PKR could use this timely "settlement millions" for the coming elections and at the same time bankrupt UMNO of their cash cow !

Then we will all live happily ever-after in Malaysia !
Amen !


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Anonymous said...

anwar will not have the balls to sue afterall they know how his balls looks like!

Anonymous said...

This is gutter politics,Anon 11:27AM, and I do not think that YAB Anwar will sue in our courts. I hope and pray that Allah will show you the right way. May Allah Bless You.