Monday, March 07, 2011

fondled by BN ?

Surely Mr. PM you must have acquired a warped sense of humour since your recent visit Down-Under......"Non-Malays increasingly fond of BN" you say ? hahaha.....good one !

Since when were the non-Malays
'spontaneous' in showing their fondness to BN, may I ask ? When t-shirts and RM100 bills are greased into their palms in happy hand-shakes and a sly wink or when each estate labourer's family gets a kilo of mutton and an electric rice-cooker in estate quarters with no electricity engineered by your servants in MCA and MIC ?

Come now Mr. Najib, they (the non-Malays) must be shameless monkeys with no self-pride to accept such when your goons are running amok labelling the Indians as pariahs and the Chinese as prostitutes and who are only your
"customers" in this here country of ours while at the same time screaming their heads off with that "ketuanan Melayu" crap ? It's no more a government for ALL now but to appease only one race, the Malay race, right ?

Don't get me wrong sir, I was old enough to understand your father's policies then and it did seem fair, but not anymore. Not since that old and senile dictator, the MahaTun took control of our lives, divided us by race and constantly instilled
"fear" of race riots for 22 damning years. Everything has changed since then !

Coming back to you now Mr. PM, surely you cannot gauge the success of a couple of buy-elections to come to this conclusion, can you, sir ? Remember you can finance by-elections as they are isolated and far apart. A general election is simultaneously nation-wide and your government will have to
"pawn" the country and wring the neck of the "golden goose" aka Petronas, to fund the entire nation's voters. And we're talking unimaginable mega-billions. Unless of course when we have cheap-skates beggars who can sell their soul or their mothers for a hundred bucks or less !

With so many of your party members churning out racists remarks on a daily basis in the media and your
fondness for that "racist mouth-piece" Perkasa, you have no idea the damage they have done to your utopian sloganeering of your 1Malaysia thinggy that it has become a national joke. Far from uniting the various races both here in the peninsular and in the east your own little napoleons have undermined your tag-line to champion their personal gratifications, if I may add !

By your own confident admission, I'd suggest you call for a GE immediately Mr. Prime Minister. It could work well for your parties, yes ? So go ahead and call for a general election soon, sir.

But in the meantime thank you for this good joke ! Good one Mr. Prime Minister, sir !


Anonymous said...

are you living in malaysia? as long as there is money to be made and the living is good, especially for the chinese, bn is the choice of the majority.

so what if there is a little pilfering of a few billions every now and could be worse like the 270 billion of thank your lucky stars and vote bn again...he he he

Tiger said...

They were heckled and jeered during the BN 1M function in Puchong.
Yes, that's how much they're "fond of" you.

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:48:00 AM

Spoken like a true acoholic. When you are caught drinking by your wife you say, 'I am drinking Coca Cola'. When you are bit off you say, 'it is good to be high now and then'. When you a drunk you demonstrate that you can walk the line. And when you are pissed drunk you say, 'where in the constitution does it say that it not good to be pissed drunk'. Followed by, 'you know after all is said and done it is sometimes good to be pissed drunk.

People like you have allowed the the thin end of the wedge to be firmly lodged into the heart of the Treasury. It is only a matter of time before our ruling class from top to bottom claims it their right to take whtever they can from the Treasury. By that time you will be in some kind of heaven enjoying your ill...... gains. But the nation will be left to pick up the pieces just like so many Third World countries are doing today.

At face value what you have said could be in the broader sense taken as inviting the people to revolt. Be careful what you wish for because GOD in his moments of weakness may grant your wish.

pinsysu said...

Acherly voters smart lah. Setting trap for ahjib to call GE earlier. Those elected jokers won't be ard for too long.

pinsysu said...

Acherly voters smart lah. Setting trap for ahjib to call GE earlier. Those elected jokers won't be ard for too long.