Sunday, March 27, 2011

of "Masters" and "ungrateful" mongrels....

All's not quiet in the home-front ! But for once I must agree, the Minister in the PM's department Nazri Aziz is right, I "sokong" ! His warning to all BN component parties "black-mailing" UMNO is timely. After all does UMNO actually need these "rent seeking" excess baggages like shameless MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan and PBB to win elections ? Of course not ! Tell them to go to Hades !

These lapdogs leaders and Napoleons of the BN component parties are nothing but mere
!"pendatangs and pariahs" who suck-up to their "Master" UMNO for personal gratification and wealth. Finally Nazri has realised how much it costs to "maintain" these high living and expensive bitching "neglected wives" and warns with "divorce" proceedings ! ( read here )

UMNO does not need them....just cut these mongrels loose and UMNO can go alone with a little help from the champion of
"ketuanan Melayu" Perkasa ( though I hear that Ibrahim Ali is also holding Nazri at ransom ( see here), and emotional support from the old and irrelevant ex-premier and Nazri's former boss Tun Mahathir. Surely these 2 will come out to give their lives to save UMNO ( maybe not Nazri personally but UMNO) which is the God-sent party to rule the Malays and us "pendatangs" who are "squatting" in this country we call home !

Kick out the component parties Nazri, I
"sokong" you 100% and YOU don't need these "ungrateful" bitching wives to run this country that belongs only to the Malays. Who needs spineless parasites like MIC, MCA, PPP, Gerakan and PBB ? All you need is Najib's instant magic formula, the "1Malaysia" charm to win hearts !

By the way I hope you also close down the Chinese newspapers that
"misquoted" you again and you don't have to apologise to anyone, period ! You are their MASTER, remember ? So screw them all....or ask them to take the next "tongkang" or "rajula" back to China or India respectively !

Yes, "Massa" Nazri, way to go !

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wa salah lu mind kong !!