Tuesday, March 13, 2012

huh...no.4 ?.........sure ornot ??

"....Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is also the Finance minister, has nothing to show for his time in office, despite having taken over the top job in April 2009...."

That's running contradictory of all we hear in the news daily, right ?

Sigh...when are we going to wake up to the fact that enough is enough and we gotta have a say in this totally mismanaged country we love so much ? When are we going to say, "stop this corruption and and give us a clean government that has the tax-paying citizens upper-most in their list of "to-do" ?"

Just read about the hundreds and hundreds of misappropriation and embezzlement going on at every level of the government in our society on a daily basis. These mind-boggling figures that run into so many zeros, being siphoned out is your money, yours and my tax ringgits...happily being helped upon by an elite few. Most of us earn about 4 zeros...and only dream of hitting 5...but that too with sheer hard work and with a lot of shit in the process, but these people have it on a platter to squander.

If these monies were actually managed well and with good governance ( by rakyat-serving representatives ) we won't have such high rising costs in every commodity from your daily plate of rice to that bowl of noodles in our school canteens. We are also a petroleum producing country, but what do we get ??

Fish always rots from the head down, I know....so when the head starts to rot you cannot save the body....you just have to throw it away and get a fresh new fish, no ? The entire system of the government is in rot. What do we do ?

I'm surprised we're 4th most corrupted country....when we have always prided ourselves as No:1 ! Ask that old former premier....Tun Mahather. He started everything that we now are in.
Sheeesh !


Starmandala said...

Malaysia scores #4 on the Shit Parade? Syabas! Najib now aiming for #1 with a new public relations campaign that will cost us RM20 billion...

Unknown said...

All the squander is only the tip of the ice berg there are aplenty of unaccountable budgetary items. Those exposed are maybe only 2 to 5 % of the total embezzlement yet to surface.
We will know the actual numbers only if umno is kick out in the next election.

Unknown said...

The squander that we read about is only the tip of the ice berg. There are aplenty of budgetary items that are unaccountable. these are the small tickets items that go unnoticed but they adds up to billions of ringgit.
We will know the extend of the stolen loot only after umno gets booted out in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

The only way to stop the thieves from emptying the till is for all right minded citizens to organize fortnight long hartals nationwide every other month. The GE13 route will not take us very far for the NRD and the EC are working hand in glove to rig the elections. We must also stop paying taxes. In the matter of withholding taxes let not numbers dictate our response. Remember that the tea party held at Boston harbour by the colonists in 1773 was only symbolic. So was Gandhi's 240 mile march from Sabarmati to Dandi in 1930 to protest the Salt Tax. For the record he only stooped to take a PINCH of salt when he reached Dandi. That symbolic but 'illegal' act set off a chain of events which culminated in Independence for India