Friday, March 16, 2012

In Malaysia, we are world famous, as No1.

Only 1% of the 100,000 in the police force are taking bribes Mr. IGP ?? This means only 1,000 of your boys-in-blue are corrupt, issit ?? And that is a "small" number for the head honcho of the police force of Malaysia ? Read the 1joke here !

As far as the rakyat is concerned any number more then 1 is not small anymore. And now with the increase of RELA under his wings the percentage will still be a "small 1%" to him, no ?

Hello Mr. IGP, wake up lah and be honest ....what crap are we hearing from you, the top-cop of the country ? Maybe he thought he can pin the balance 99 % of corruption on UMNO and help Malaysia move up 3 notches of this recent news to fulfill PMNajib's No.1pet dream !

I'll give this man top points for effort and like his sense of humour in keeping in line with the PM's fetish for the numeral 1 !

But then is it not the same old same old of the "semuanya wokay lah" drama...... as life goes on in Malaysia daily ?..........hahahahaha !
Kudos sir.....nice one lah......woot woot !


Anonymous said...

1% are all at the top. Just like UMNO and BN.

Tiger said...

Actually, what we want is 0% corruption lah!

Anonymous said...

It is not merely that they are moving YAB Khalid Ibrahim to another constituency so as to prevent him from seeking re-election to the DUNS but it is clear that with UMNO abetting them, the EC and another notorious federal organ are plotting to rig GE 13. Therefore to hope that PR can take Putrajaya under such circumstances is like subscribing to the nonsensical idea that a legible colour map of the world can be made using fewer than 4 colours. I repeat we right thinking and concerned citizens can only save the country by i) staging regular hartals ii) withholding our taxes from the kleptocratic regime.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, have a heart la. IGP has got bad heart and cannot take too much hahaha and woot woot from you. You like meh if he go doctor?

Anonymous said...

Feigning ignorance of the RM 250,000,000 'soft' loan granted to her family and misused by them -- a loan which need not be repaid -- Sharizat the backdoor minister is behaving like the madame of a brothel who can swear on a holy book that she is an intact virgin. Don't imagine for a moment that S will be discomfited by this comparison. The Thelukachi's skin is thicker than an elephant's. Which is why even after her family has gobbled up the RM 250 million of the taxpayers' money she can still preach unctuously about good governance. But then UMNO has made religion a plaything of politics. Under the regime, murder, rape and mind boggling kickbacks all can somehow be made legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Raja' is an Indian word, and 'Melayu' is derived from the Tamil 'malai oor' = hill country. In fact much of Bahasa Malaysia's vocabulary is sourced from Indian languages, and English. Many 'Malay' customs are also of Indian origin. Centuries before immigrants from Indonesia settled in the Peninsula and began calling themselves 'Malay' BUMIPUTRAS (an Indian word, by the way) settlers from Tamil Nadu had already created a flourishing principality in Kedah. Also, the Sri Vijaya Empire had established a well organized settlement in Masai, Johore. And this too long before the Indonesian immigrants came and got bumiputra status. The Dewan Bahasa is only good at replacing the C's and Y's in English words to convert them to Malay words (e.g. economy = EKONOMI) Even Goofy can do a better job. So how does ketuanan come into the picture?

Anonymous said...

I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

To Altantuya's murderer: 'Gormandise' as sensually as you please as you but in the end she will be revenged on you. You may be disemboweled and the crows will be feasting on your entrails. BRUTUS: O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet! Thy spirit walks abroad and turns our swords In our own proper entrails. (Julius Cesar Act V Sc III

Tiger said...

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