Saturday, August 01, 2020

Brother asks a very good question....

Recently my Grab-sharing and drinking buddy, brother Raman "the Bahman" KK asked me a very good question regarding the 70% discount (here) accorded to repeated law-breaking motorists with summonses for the entire month of August in conjunction with Merdeka by that idiot Wee again, of the Road Transport Ministry or JPJ? 
His question was, "What about those of us, citizens who are law-abiding and with no summons to show? Don't we get rewarded in any way? Like DISCOUNTS for every year on their Road-tax and Insurance renewals for being worthy citizens?" Why must this Wee, who incidentally also drafted that dubious "drink-driving" laws (here) with harsher penalties targeting drink drivers enforced recently, now offer such huge discounts to summons collectors? What's his shallow game plan?
What kind of message is this MCA stooge sending out to hard-core repeat traffic law violators? That they can break as many traffic laws as they want and if summoned the fines can be negotiated and reduced so long as he earns some "good-guy" brownie points, some bragging rights at ceremahs, a voter base and perhaps some mileage in his flagging political career, no? This type of pampering of rogue law breakers breeds corruption in a subtle form. How desperately pathetic! 
Instead this MCA goon should start arresting and jailing repeat offenders with more then a certain number of summonses, just as harshly as drunk-drivers are accorded or maybe worse. Now that would take some balls to do, right? And do you think he has? Laws are formulated and passed to be followed, not negotiated and discounted.
Like anything that is mandatory, only the corrupt in the various enforcement authorities get to gain in monetary rewards. And as for the righteous amongst us, sorry lah, you shall continue to be screwed with your eyes wide open if you were expecting any form of reward or discounts. 
                                .............Dream on lah, dude.  

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Brother give very good answer. Hahahahaha.