Sunday, August 23, 2020

Malaysians, know your real enemy!

I have always known about this manipulation of our social fabric by the racist MahaFiraun and his dodgy UMNO first and now his "Malay Only" Pejuang agenda from way back then in the 80's. 

And neither can I sing praises about this former Harris Salleh too, but what he says now in his twilight years holds a lot of truth. Funny how only in their end days of their shelf-life, these fellows "grow some balls" to spill the beans and say what IS wrong now BUT never when they were in power! 

Read on this Daily Express (Sabah) news below and you'll understand the dirty game-plan of that corrupt MahaFiraun and his predecessors and successors had in their racist minds to screw up our country and all that our founding fathers worked for.

Please read the attachments in boxes first (I hope the sequence is correct) to fully understand the reason for my rant.

Long before PH came into power, many of my blogger friends and I have "bitched" on numerous times and platforms about sacking the entire staff in the government departments in order to clean out the corruption that has been built up over 60 years of UMNO rule, should the Opposition were to win in an election. We had repeatedly told any in-coming government to completely remove all traces of UMNO before starting up. 
If only these arrogant idiots listened to the small voices on the ground! And if only Karpal was alive, sigh, he would have told that racist MahaFiraun to get lost and NEVER have allowed him to lead PH! But that is all now wishful thinking and its back to the drawing board for those in DAP, PKR, Amanah and Warisan. But make bloody sure guys, Pejuang, the Malay ONLY party of that old, corrupt and hypocrite MahaFiraun, remains dead and buried as of today! Unity my arse! 


This Malayan-Malay warlords as refered by Harris, sitting on the top of government service both here and in East  Malaysia are the real culprits and the real decision makers. The last non-Malay department head was in the Bentong District Office and upon his retirement was replaced by a Malay. These was also the reason why so few non-Malays cared to join the government service. 

Today Harris is parroting that same dilemma Sabahans and Sarawakians have been facing. And he's spot-on on all counts. Can we have a really integrated  employment of peoples of all skin colour and faith incorporated as a truly Malaysian Government Service Staff that will understand the needs of ALL and not of 1 race of Malaysians? You may call me a dreamer , go ahead!

I have advocated a long time ago, to always stress on education. A good English education for all. Not the "sekolah agama attap/pondok" for rural children and renowned foreign institutions of higher learning for "anak menteri". The divide is too vast for equality! 
For further reading on corruption and education, read here

I remember in the old days when government offices had a racially mixed set of staff (well at least it was not 99.9% like today) during festivities of any particular race, the staff celebrating would take leave and the rest of the department would carry on working at a normal pace, because there were other to carry on. 

Today do you see how the entire country's already bloated government machinery grinds to a halt for almost every festival of any race? Who made them so lazy? So who wanted the government to be less productive? The very man who enjoyed writing about the Malays being lazy in his book "The Malay Dilemma" and to satisfy his depleted ego by saying "I told you so" and go on to blame the Chinese and Indians and everyone else and never himself for all the hopeless failures he dreamed of! 

Did you also know this racist old man does not know how to say "I am sorry"?


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