Monday, August 31, 2020

A Merdeka marred by "sensitivities"!

On an auspicious day like today, the 31st. August 2020, after receiving our independence from the Colonial masters 63 years ago, we are still grappling to live in harmony as our founding fathers envisioned. The key word is "sensitivities" of provoking the 3 Rs. (Race, Religion and Royalty.) 

I'm very sure all Malaysians have the utmost respect for King and Country as enshrined in the 5 pillars of our RukunNegara and the Federal Constitution to protect each of the rights of the various cultures, races, religions, ethnicity that we have shared with the original natives of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. 

That's a given. 

Today sadly, we have politicians and religious fanatics who have crossed that border of decency and respect for king and country to deride both king and country in seeking to create a caliphate within our multi-society citizens and propagate hate within the masses.  This has to stop. 

Within a few months of an unholy pact with the dubious government of Muhiyuddin, PAS the Coalition partner has flexed it wings more than once already. For a political party that strives on the principles of religion, this party has gone on to belittling other religions while ignoring the sensitivities of a good 49% of non-Malay population. This has angered the predominantly Christian natives of Sabah and Sarawak's sensitivities tremendously and perhaps will also surely reflect with punishment in the up-coming Sabah state elections. An arrogance (here) to be regretted by the Muhuyuddin government surely. Read here about this so-called religious man who refused to apologise for his insensitive remarks on Christians of the Bible.

(I do not want to name and shame this PAS idiot as his very name might defile my blog just as I have also never named a very racist and corrupt ex-premier but refer him as MahaFiraun only, always! Very jijit lah, yukks!

Then there was the earlier stories about one liar with a kopiah and his official/non-official trip to Turkey and Holland during this restricted movement time of the Covid-19 pandemic and attending Parliament sittings without being quarantined as per the SOP of 14 days and which caused him to add more lies as added value to his first lie. Herein the rakyat screamed for justice over the soft-tap on the wrist and a small fine as there was a clear case of double-standards between the voters (who paid hefty fines and even jail terms) and the elitists in UMNO and PAS, both commanding coalition partners of Muhiyuddin's shakey government.  And of course that story about some "no economic sense" and attention seeking PAStard in pushing for a total alcohol ban in the entire country. Again hurting the "sensitivities" of all who enjoy a ''pahit" and chilled ambers like yours truly included! Damn these PAStures! 

But you'd never hear off these same morons screaming for the end of  corruption, porno, drugs and illicit sex against the order of nature. These activities are their favorite PAStime in their stronghold states of Kelantan and Terengganu! Double damn!

This new found arrogance of PAS will also be their demise in the near future. After all we have our sultans of each state as head of Islam but these "kampung" simpletons in suits and kopiahs of PAS seem to have other plans. It was never the same as when the good man Tok Guru Nik Aziz was alive. Both Tok Guru and my blogger buddy Bernard aka Zorro-unmasked (Tok Guru's number 1 fan!) will be rotating in their graves now! These young PASturks today are 'hell-bent' (pun intended) in calling for an Islamic state and a caliphate for the whole of secular Malaysia. How dare they! 

Perhaps these PAStards are getting too big for their jubbas and kopias with their cavemen mentality but I implore for some authority above to step in and put an immediate stop to this wanton spread of hate and disunity inciting the various lovely people of Malaysia. I weep for my country. 
With PAS in his stable, Muhiyuddin will surely also lose the non-Malay votes. And he has not said a single word of comfort or reprimanded and sacked those under-mining brigands of PAS. 
The sensitivities of ALL Malaysians are to be respected as clearly enshrined in our Federal Constitution. And UNITY is a word merely spoken by vote hungry politicians as damage control is out of Muhiyuddin's power  as leader for now!
A (not so) happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysians, wherever you are!        

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