Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is Malaysia really safe and crime-free...?

So the police are finally taking steps to curb the alarmingly high crime rate in Johor Baru ! (read here ) Have you not wondered why it always has to be a last resort "thinggy" with the public getting "pissed-off" with the situation and having to protest in front of the Chief Minister's house before any action is seemed to be taken ?

Now read this very contradicting report by Bernama . Yes, the good Director-General of Tourism Malaysia is right.....yes, when you want to compare statistics with a far away country....but look here, Mr. Director-General sir, stop this hogwash, I don't live in Italy and stop trying to keep only the tourists' safe...they did not vote you in, I am a citizen of this here country and I need to be SAFE in my own country,PERIOD !

We would never have had to come to this grave crime situation not just in Johor Baru but the whole country, had there been a good system properly implemented by the powers-that-be in the first place !
Let's not just squarely put the responsibilty on the police alone but on all government agencies who are vested with the 'divine power' to prevent such occurances like the Immigration department and city or local council enforcement personnel. And here I'm not just talking about snatch thefts, but all social ills , drugs, rape, house break-ins, road-bullies, armed robbery, murders, child abuse and battered domestic violence......and all this will stop if the primary question of corruption is addressed honestly !
Now..............people, am I being labelled "unpatriotic" ?..... You decide !


zorro said...

Some time ago Harry Lee from across the channel said that JB was crime city and Malaysian politicians shouted (they normally do that and expect the troops to finish the job)something close to jihad. Who is having the last guffaw now? Fifty years and we have not got rid of our adolescent acne and baby hair yet. How to mature when we are "nurtured" by people from our political landfills.

BigDogDotCom said...

Impossible to have Malaysia completely crime free. Crime is a people problem NOT just an administrative problem. If people don't do their bit and expect the Govt DO EVERY DAMN THING for them, then nothing can be resolved.

Why? Simply not enough resources. The country is over 300,000 sq. km., 5,000 km of coastline and borders and 26 mil inhabitants. No way a Police Force of 90,000 watch over everything and everyone!

People themselves got to be more civilised and responsible. No traffic queue jumping. No motor cycle mat rempit races. No petty traffic felonies, thus lesser investment of people n resources for traffic duties.

If everything also needs supervision and enforcement, then we should all behave like when we were primary 1. Walk in a straightline and every recess there'll be prefects to watch over us.

Maybe we need one policeman to every 20 people, to ensure the place is a better place since people refused to do what they can on their own and throw every damn thing to the Govt!

mandelism said...

the most simplest sentence , "
Is Malaysia really safe and crime-free? "


Anonymous said...

Mr Bigdogdotcom,
Maybe we do need them. Maybe we need to go back to the basics and be treated like primary school kids and need 1 policeman for every 20 people. If that is what it takes to be safe, I'm game for it. Maybe you don't take the LRT, maybe you don't walk the streets to go home. Maybe you drive a car or chauffeured driven. Which ever, I don't give a damn. The streets ARE not safe anymore my friend. And please don't tell me this is not an administrative problem. Don't la please don't insult our intellegence.

shanghaistephen said...

anon of 9.37 pm,
You are right about bigdog, he doesn't take the LRT or walk much.It is always a question of who is complaining to whom...if it is UMNO backed complain with a lot of attention required, sure everyone jumps to rectify the problem otherwise they say ...stop complaining lah and do your part as a citizen ...sheesh !bullshit...I wont settle for that, cos I count as a voter and tax-payer !Period!

Anonymous said...

I`m citizen of Malaysia. is it Malaysia safe to travel or safe to live on !? the answer is NO !
Rape case & Rob case everyday,non-stop. Indian & foreign is top-rank on crime,they carry big knife/pistol when rob/rape.
Plus, nowdays whole malaysia filled with Indonesia/Bangladesh/Myanmar foreign workers. They are free to cross over Malaysia, they even gang to beat Police. try to search related news on google with Police Malaysia.
Police Malaysia !? hopeless ! they can`t protect me or you ! they will simply ignore you if you have NO MONEY !

Bolehland said...

Don't be a fool (the comment above), crime exists in all layers of the community, it does not matter the race of the person who does it but rather just themselves.