Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Former MCA president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik's controversial statement that it was not a problem for men to release their "extra energy as long as they don't talk about it or get caught" totally uncalled for.....hmmmm !!!Read here for the full text !

Now come on Tun....when is he going to learn to keep his big mouth shut, huh ? Don't the Tun know his remark might have an adversed effect if not a damned future for this self-admitted soiled "porn actor" with his now possible return to the cabinet ? Is there a hidden agenda for this suggestive remark ? Does he condone such behaviour as being acceptable in civil society ? Is he taking us back to the times of "war-lords" and "emperors" where being in high positions mean sex-romps and orgies where part and parcel of a victory jig , huh ? Wonder what the datin thinks of this....or......she knows too, yes ?

If you are in a high position in the top strata of governance, great responsibility, values and morals have to be maintained and dispensed to the strictest of order ! Only in Malaysia a top leader or minister in charge can get away without being held accountable.....cos ohh....when things go wrong......there's always God to be blamed, right ??

Take for example during Tun Ling's time, the mega-bucks airport had a serious electrical failure with flights interrupted but still he did not resign or when the old Subang airport tower burned, he still did not have to be responsible.....always God took the blame, right ?

In any civilised nation it will be the minister-in-charge who will be the first to hand in his resignation, taking full responsibility ! Now that I dare say... if we are indeed a civilised nation.......sigh ???


GobloKing said...

Why would you be shocked or even think that prehistoric dinosaurs like Ling are worried at all about morals ??

Has he or CSL shouwn to us they have any (morals)?

I can only assume dingaling has some penis envy issues with CSL or else he's trying to reassure us he too has viagra-rised "energy"

OR he's saying "all of us curi makan but we ain't been caught so it does not count?"

In this, I have to agree with this ling(am)

In Msia it's more about not being caught than with actually having REAL Values & Morals

As for MCA - I don't know who cares who's leading is shown from the elections..or is it erections? :)

Anonymous said...

MCA mah!makan, main

Anonymous said...

eat drink and be merry. runs in his family, i guess. how about a single mart session with ling, huh?
at decanter? or finnegans? or...

Joseph Sosai said...

I agrees with Ling. I not satisfied with one womans. No syiok. I needs a few to satisfy my urges. One womans where got kick. Corrects me if I is wrong. I thinks all mans in Malaysia agrees with me, especially Malays.

MY New Dawn said...

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Is outcome of Munawar's appeal indicative of what we can expect from Zaki Boss of the Malaysian Judiciary
Chief Justice Zaki Azmi beginning to throw his true colours...

Will he be able to be INDEPENDENT of UMNO and his past friends, and be able to be concerned only with justice...

Will he be a progressive judge only concerned with JUSTICE - not fearful of developing the law so that justice be done...or will he just remain a tool of UMNO and his 'old friends'.

Also noted that Zaki Azmi was a businessman with involvement in a string of companies - and if so, he must recuse himself from any case involving those companies and/or related companies or even companies whereby his once fellow member of the Board of Directors or management is involved.

Website -


Actually the Datin EL does know. Check out Sara Loo.