Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lesbians In Malaysia .

As one PKR member of parliament claims that islam is under siege, I think it is being undermined from within and by politicians too !

It is ridiculous when a foreign paper picks out a story like this (here) and makes news of it to create a "fundamentalist" view of our country with "fueled" quotes by our very own fatwah. Maybe they have to look in their own back-yards first before high-lighting stories like this !

I dread to think of the many lovely short haired and decent girls in sports who profess the muslim faith in this country, not to mention those in tight jeans and shirts, we men so like to nod with approval too ! There goes my introduction of beach volley-ball ala Brazil as a sporting event here in our country.... Sheeesh !!!

Where do we go from here now, hmmmmm ....??


zorro said...

Shang....have no fear...your beach-volleyball will happen. Current emphasis on tomboys is to distract us from the main event...UMNO distract us also from the toyboys in the stable of the Minister of Tourism. With your looks come you are not her toyboy? Or is this a distasteful query. Too much malt last night at the Curve's Red Box.


Let's take a look at Azlina Othman first....

the witch's broo said...

Mr Fish,

I met Rocky the other day. My first time. Always wanted to meet him!

Now...about being a lesbian. If I were one, I'd tackle the attractive woman he was (and is always) with. I can't mention her name but you should know who she is...i believe she is also your friend and a blogger. :-)

cheers, Mr Fish!

shanghaistephen said...

now how did I miss the opp. Hmmm...sure would have been a pleasure to have met you too....but hey witch....pick a number and join the queue cos dang...she's a WOW mamma !
Cheers to you too and happy Deepavali holidays. Let me know next you're around.

shanghaistephen said...

dear zorro, you are spot-on on the 'distraction' part....what saddens me more is the stupidity of branding anyone with short hair and 'acts' like a man ? Now even every lady cop is a suspect, right ? Carryings guns & cuffs and eye-balling crooks is a man's thing, yes ?

what mask said...

Zorro ,a pakatan moron brought this up ,why bring up umno nominations ? arent you a pakatan blogger ?

shanghaistephen said...

what mask said...

Zorro ,a pakatan moron brought this up ,why bring up umno nominations ? arent you a pakatan blogger ?
10/26/2008 12:10:00 PM

what mask,you sound like a decent chap. if you have a question for zorro, go over to his blog and ask.It is not nice of you to call names or bestow labels of my good friends here and I'm sure he will have an appropriate answer to your nagging questions.

And as for me, I am a BLOGGER. Period !

Cheers, Happy Deepavali and have a nice holiday! Drive safe now, will you !

GobloKing said...

Weird huh? I (& 90% of the aunties in the pasar) didn't know we were gay until this came out

I wish God had listened to these Holy Men in the first place.

Cause I would be the last to complain if I was blessed with

- a mountain so high it can never topple or diminish,

- locks which are so lustrous & would grow without the help of hair extentions &

- a proud booty with which to make men weep with joy!

These holy men ought to make a trip to SanFrancisco, Bangkok or Sdyney to do a "Spot the Gay" survey.

Then they would realise they would be wrong half the time, and the other half would end up with them wooing the wrong lady (or man)!