Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ahoy there Captain !!..... Cutty Sark's burning !!

Take a good look at this photo, folks...cos you'd never be able to see this ship...dubbed the "Ferrari of the open seas" and with so much of sea-faring history- here- and stories of life and death and mystries and secrets on-board and adventures in the high seas and even famous enough to have a whiskey branded after it, and docked here as a tourists' attraction in Greenwich, London.

Yesterday a fire destroyed this beauty and we will never see it in its original glory...I had that rare opportunity, on a very cold morning, back in 2005, to see this 138 years old clipper , together with my 2 favorite girls (pictured), up-close !
God bless Cutty Sark and thanks for the memories !



Photographs are for posterity.

Stephen... HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY to Shanghai Fish....

two million already? heheheh.
hey...wishes do come true, you know..

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm the person from lunch at Maria's. Heh.

Apparently, Cutty Sark might be back, according to people doing the restoration of the clipper. Wish I had gone to see it when I had the chance.

Nice meeting you today.

Mat Salo said...

Yo' bro' Stephen,

I say, a glorified roustabout here also wishes the Shangai Fish a Happy Anniversary.

So, what-the-fish - sorry to hear about that cutter, Bro'. Arson maybe? At least you got to see it. And at least there's the whiskey of the same moniker to drown your sorrows in. As Zorro-Unmaksed likes to say.. "Down The Hatch!"

Pasquale said...

Yes that was sad I saw it on the news on CKY and fortunately for Cutty Sark the hull is made out of steel so it will be restored to its former glory!

Pasquale said...


Unfortunately the police said it was arson, a wicked act of man!
Cutty Sark was famous for bringing tea to the upper crust and opium for the addict, a very good business even then!

The Ancient Mariner said...

A 138 yr old sailing ship with a steel hull? Thats news to me.

The vessel had only iron frames or 'ribs' which saved her from total destruction and will be reconstructed.

First set my eyes on her 40 years ago.

a.k.a. Malay Monsterball. Sheeeesh.

Anonymous said...

Hi brother,

Happy 1st year anniversary to shanghai fish.

Capt..... you can't become Malay Monsterball cos you tak macam yang "ORI". The "ori" one got 2 ping pong balls.

Anonymous said...

Happiee 1st Annnniiiievarsary!
...and even famous enough to have a whiskey branded after it!
Have you downed that sweet tasting fluid of CS before?

Shanghai Fish said...

honestly Tony, I 've seen the ads. on that whiskey in mags along time ago...you know the foreign type, but me, I a guzzler...so I'll stick to my beers anyday..man !
Cheers mate !