Thursday, May 27, 2010

Al Jazeera English quitting Malaysia ?

Did you hear the rumour about Al Jazeera's English network's "slow" departure from Malaysia ? A strange man asked me if I knew the reasons why the Kuala Lumpur sector was down-sizing their KL out-fit and I replied in the negative. Sadly he offered a few "conspiracy" theories but I don't think any mattered.

We have had Al Jazeera KL since 2006 and within a few months they had a huge following and personally I think they did a damn good job here. It would be a shame if Riz Khan or 101East or People Power are being "phased out" of KL and they then would only be focusing on more news from Qatar, the US and UK. They were the darling "live" channel to watch during the Iraq war before the Iraqi government raided and shut down their office there. And they did some really interesting interviews with our local "heroes" too ! tell me this is, but a rumour only, please !


Anonymous said...

Where did you hear this Mr. Francis ?I am shocked too if it was real. Well here in Malaysia nobody can say anything about C4Bik Mama and PM, the Mamak Kutty, UMNO and Islam or the police. Surely you are out of business and die.


Anonymous said...

I first heard this from an Aljazeera insider who was in Malaysia at start-up but has risen to greater heights since. He made it as a statement, without comment.

Unknown said...

Any information beyond this would be great to see. Let us hope the story is untrue. Aljazeera continues to do the only straight reporting from within Malaysia to the world.