Sunday, February 13, 2011

phuddi dhia !

In my last post I touched on boogie issues of our "moral police" and fatwas that is run by totally misunderstood and ignorant imbeciles in JAKIM.
And again today another moron with no respect or understanding of religious or cultural values of other religions in this multi-national country of ours is carelessly justifying another boo-boo that happened in the very much highlighted call for abolishment of another crony venture called National Service or NS !
Now read here
but pay more attention to the many "curse" comments from irate citizens, please.

To say the Director General is an idiot is an understatement. NS is a
"death" camp for so many young and fragile kids, forcibily whisked away from the comfort and care of home and parents and lumped in isolated and mismanaged make-shift barracks in secondary jungles and controlled by morons who pass off as "camp commandants" and coordinators who have no idea whatsoever about sensitivities of religious and cultural traditions other then their own selfish and narrow-minded agendas.

Surely Najib would have scrambled immediate orders to the main-stream media to play down or even black-out this issue as accordingly to that idiot DG is an
"isolated case" ! Thanks to the alternative channels for news.

The issue of respecting other faiths other then Islam is also in the greater message of the Koran for all Muslims, yes ? Just look at the racial composition of those in authority running these camps and you'll know what I mean ! Najib has "1Malaysia-Unity" in terms of student participantion and only 1Malays desperately pretending to be running a camp to foster "integration and unity" in 3 months ! What a load of dung !

In sending our kids for 3 months of racial integration exercise after keeping them separated for fear of outside influences from other religions for 17 years throughout the vernacular school years what can the government hope to achieve in 3 short months, huh ? Zilch I'd say but a steady source of extra income for retired
"Rambo wannabes" who at most would have no proper educational certificates or counselling capabilities to become "camp commandants" in a country which never went to war with anyone !

In 2008 it was estimated that a whooping RM500 million of the tax-payers money was spent yearly to just maintain these
"camps" and their konchos ! With that kind of money spent you'd expect professionals, right ? But what we have is a bunch of irresponsible and prejudiced "ex-has-beens" bigots who have no control over the daily running of these 1integration camp ! Today that figure would have tripled....don't you think so ? I'll wait for that other crony and former Bukit Bintang DAP turncoat, now BN friendly, Lee Lam Thye to come up with an official statement of excuse !

I still, in very strong terms, maintain my stand to completely close/abolish this stupid imaginary
"integration" camps as a waste of time and money badly spent venture for cronies once and for all and save the rakyat's tax billions ! GE 13 is getting nearer and nearer and BN is running helter-skelter in blotched policies. We'll get our chance for revenge soon.

For my earlier posting on NS, from as far back as 2006 read here and here and here and here and here !

Have a pleasant Sunday..... or whatever is left of it !


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bro d phudi dia for us sikhs is that pudi sob long beard repoter from ipoh who protrays himself as a saviour of sikhs. This sob is a replica of the cari makan tan sri pudi from ipoh.

Anonymous said...

No way. These camps are money spinners. If you can get a contract to run one camp it is enough to set up you and seven generations to come.Average size of a cam 1000 to 1500. Let us take 1500. Minisrty of Dfence pays , I am not sure but he last I heard, about RM40.00 per head per day for accomodation. That will work out to RM60,000 a day. If you take say six months then the annual cost is RM1.8 million. Say you get an initial contract for 5 years that is valued at RM64.8 million.And you have the right connections with the ministry of defence you can get up to 3 years rental in advance at the time of signing the contract. Add to this five meals at around the same rate and the figure doubles to RM129.6 Milllion a year.Multiply that by five years.

With the 3year advance any bank will give you a loan to set up the camp.There may be an option for renewal of contract for another five years. Why should we do away with such a milking cow Shanghai Fish?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, line seven the cost of contract fo a year is RM10.8 million and not RM1.8 million.

Anonymous said...

helo you buggers just criticise why not for a change do something for a 'Change' u guys are sitting on a rocking keeps u buggers busy but not getting anywhere....pundek

zorro said...

Red Alert Shang....a village reported that its village idiot has gone missing at 08.07am. Distinguishing crawls....cannot determine sex....IT is not retarded but mentally slow....other intense but morbid obsession with CHANGE.

shar101 said...

Anon(07:00am)aka pundek,

Well, for a change, we'd like to strap you to a rocking chair, primed to detonate the attached C4 the moment you stop rocking which will blow your sorry butt to smithereens.

Dang! Zorro came in first.

Anonymous said...

There's no fuss when Karpal and Sons get a hair cut???

Shanghai Fish said...

hey moron of 11:33:00PM,
Of course they cut their hair and it was their choice BUT they did not get their hair cut while they were sleeping lah. Perhaps you should get your little "willie" "snipped" without your knowledge and while you're sleeping to understand the trauma and violation of your personal rights !

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