Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unmasking Male Y

There's been a lot of attention drawn to this mysterious character in the on-going Sodomy II trial over the letter Y. Just in case you are all wondering who's Male Y, here's a drawing of that dude who I am sure torn into Saiful's smelly 2 day's unwashed butt. And I bet you wouldn't recognise him even if he was standing face to face with you ! Here's Male Y for all of you curious speculators ! Duh :-)

Even that lying Saiful couldn't have know who buggered him ! What a butt-scam !

*p.s. thanks Vis !


Unknown said...

The answer is simple. Male Y is the person who was framed by the planter of the DNA. This trial is getting more and more embarassing and shameful by the day for my country Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Very soon finger prints lifted from crime scenes cannot be adduced in court, unless permission is granted by the burglar. So, whose house to rob next?


Tiger said...

Eh, this fella had sex with half a football team lah.
Why aren't the other 5 buggers charged with sodomy?

nstman said...

Male Y was framed by Umno, the biggest bugger in the country. Male Y should be called Male Umno.