Saturday, March 05, 2011

the "untouchables"

Today I'll write about the many "untouchables" in our society.

You think just because there's a 2 inch thick report of
"alleged" allegations of corruption and abuse of power by the "brownie rajah" CM Taib handed over to the MACC, the dubiously voted and 4th. most influential man in the world,the head honcho of MACC is going to jump and book this plunderer of Sarawak ? Wrong ! ( read here )

Nobody can touch Taib. He has got the whole of Najib' 1administration by their
"balls" in his palm and one squeeze is enough to choke 1UMNO. That's how powerful this one man is. Corrupt to the core and an "untouchable". A man UMNO is so scared-shit off and depends solely on the seats from Sarawak to be delivered to BN to form this government and without them BN would be the opposition even as we speak, yes ?

Is Sabah and Sarawak also claimed as
"Tanah Melayu" ? When did all these land labellings begin anyway ? Before 2009 or 1957 ? I never heard of this back in the 60's and 70's. I've only heard of Federated states of Malaya ( Malaya being a Indian word for "mini Himalaya" as in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal)....not Melayu ! ( here )
And in the words of Oscar Wilde
"any fool can make history but it takes a genius to write it"!

This Taib is even more corruptly powerful then Najib and is only ranking in second place to the grand-father of corruption the great Tun. The world is watching the blatant abuses by this BN government everyday yet no court dares pin a solid case on these untouchables. They have each in their own time raped and plundered the nation's coffers and it is an open secret yet nobody can touch them. That's what happens when you have a corrupt judiciary system and equally corrupt police force in your pocket !

Third place goes collectively to the corrupt UMNO. A party as declared by Najib that will protect
"Putrajaya even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost.” because when Putrajaya falls.....all the president's men will fall in disgraced domino fashion as their ill-gotten fortunes will be seized and frozen and they'd be back walking on civvy street or behind bars !

And of course then comes the fourth place. A tie between MCA and MIC. Curiously MIC also is an
"untouchable" of the other kind as accordingly our education system. Even after much debates and protests from many concerned quarters, UMNO still moots the fictional book "Interlok" as recommended school literature wherein it acclaims that all Malaysians of remote Indian origins irrespective of religion are but pariahs or untouchables, right ?

Enjoy your week-end !


Tiger said...

Judgement Day is coming soon for Taib!
Boy, is he going to suffer like hell!

Starmandala said...

Well, these relics of the Kali yuga - these Jabba the Hutt style demon kings with insatiable appetites and unstoppable egos - deserve an 'A' for sheer Audacity. However, as wannabe human beings, they get an 'F-minus'...

Anonymous said...

Our Government must take heed and surrender some of its powers and impose self discipline before foreigners impose it on us because once that happens, like Egypt and Libya, matters will be outside our control.