Friday, April 06, 2012 over for PR in Selangor ?

Hahaha....I like my fellow Taipingite brother Yushaimi's header for his weekly "For the Record" column today .....opps yesterday in the Malay Mail which read "Red card for state govt ?" the full story here !

Well Mr. big-shot MB Khalid of Selangor state....that's the ultimatum all the folks in the Ulu Klang area are surely giving you IF you so not give them back their "home", getit ? I am tired of all this "red-tape" and feet-dragging bullshit now of not honouring your pre-March2008 election promises. Remember there are a thousand voters waiting with bated breath for an end to this UKRC ownership saga, in their favour or you lose 1,000 votes for your precious Pakatan Rakyat and even your position as Menteri Besar when your 'boss' Azmin runs amok gunning for reasons why Pakatan Rakyat lost Selangor !

And don't you dare say you were not warned Mr. Chief Minister ! Yes, in fact numerous times by the Malay Mail and a few bloggers ( yours truly included !). Woot woot !

By the way Mr. MB, did you know these same thousand odd voters together with their families are "protesting" this Saturday the 7th. April 2012 at 10 am. at their home ground-UKRC ??

p.s.... think I'll "turun padang" too this Saturday @ 10am. at UKRC just to lend Andrew and his ordinary caring Malaysians some support. Jom anyone ??


bruno said...

If the government of Selangor,that is the lembak Khalid and his useless herd of excos cannot do anything about this UKRC issue,they ought to be given the pink slip.Such small things that big people with big talk cannot kowtim.What a damn shame.

zorro said...

Can't MISS this! Give me a ride?

Spicy Fish, Rina said...

Will be there with my friends to support UKRC.

Andrew Gopal said...

Thanks for the support, Steven.

Mak Cik, AU2 said...

Saya akan 'turun padang'. Support mesti support UKRC.

Anonymous said...

Presiding at the Federal Court in 2000 to hear the Adorna Properties vs Boonsom Boonyanit Appeal, Eusoff Chin, a former CJM delivered a verdict flagrantly violating commonsense, natural justice and Law. In effect he was legalizing fraudulent transfers of land. Zaki Azmi, a later CJM commenting on the verdict said, "I am legally obligated to restate the law since the error committed in Adorna Properties is so obvious and blatant.” It is not difficult to disentangle the implied charge of corruption against Chin from the statement. Now, if this preposterous verdict was made at a magistrate’s court, Malaysians would be more forgiving but Chin the CJM made it at Malaysia’s apex court. If the present CJM is unable to see the implications of Chin’s verdict, then it cannot be said that Lady Justice is blind.

Kamaruddin, Shah Alam said...

UKRC issue, such a long outstanding issue. Pakatan already 4 years in power. Still cannot deliver. How to takeover Putrajaya ha. I will be there tomorrow to support UKRC. A club has been there even before I was born.

Anonymous said...

Wee Toon Boon a Singapore Minister of State was convicted on a charge of corruption in 1975 and sentenced to one and half years imprisonment. He had accepted a bribe from a property developer. Before the trial could begin Wee went to see the then prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew urging him to close one eye* since he, Wee was a leading member of the PAP, one who had contributed much to the party's growth but LKY's response was a blunt "No". The trial proceeded like all other criminal trials.

In 1985/1986 Teh Cheang Wan Singapore Minister for National Development was investigated for corruption. He asked to see LKY hoping to avert an open trial but was told that Lee could only see him after the official investigations were complete. Teh committed suicide.

His wife and daughter left Singapore immediately after his death and when they stopped in Hong Kong en route to Australia, the daughter made a bank transfer to the Singapore Government equalling the amount of money her father had allegedly accepted in bribes, apparently to honour his memory.

The Singapore Government does not masquerade as the jealous guardian of any religion and yet the ethics it upholds in the public service springs from very a high standard of morality.

Here in Malaysia UMNO behaves as if it is the sole protector of Islam but the morals party members and their cronies practise is what we would expect of cut throat pirates. And therefore Sharizat (and her family) not only gets to keep the RM 250 million but can also continue as president of Wanita UMNO.

*kow thim UMNO style.