Saturday, April 07, 2012

the price of arrogance !

The sight that greeted me today at the UKRC was over-whelming ! Talk about 1Malaysia .....hmmm ...well come to think of it, 1Malaysia IS only talk anyway !

Scenes like this has been going on for years dating back to the 60's when there were British soldiers based in Terendek Camp and air bases were run by Aussies in most aerodromes in the peninsular, when families came together every Saturday morning, kids in tow, to spend a day at "their" clubhouse. The men bonded together over a few beers and the women folk spent time talking shop or gossiped or bragged about how well their kids were doing in school. And the kids had the whole field to run wild in the morning sun and play the various games organised by the residents appointed committee and for a long long time all was good.

All that changed when a certain son of an immigrant was appointed to head the Selangor state. Greed ( and he still is famous for !) over-took what little, if any, principles he had as he eyed financial gain for himself and his cronies who encouraged him to poke his filthy fingers into the affairs of this once happy and self reliant community and their clubhouse and playing field ! And the rest is history !

Today, a little over 4 years in power, since the March 2008 "tsunami" Malaysia saw, the new PR government, who had in their election address/promise vowed to return the clubhouse together with the playing field to the community and over-turning the "bull-dozed" gazette that the former BN government via Khir Toyo and his goons, imposed on this clubhouse and playing field collectively known as UKRC ! And word on the ground is, this new chief minister of the Selangor state has acknowledged in principle that the clubhouse belongs to the residence BUT the field is to be in the state's and the chief minister's pleasure ! Damn these new government if that happened.

There are about a thousand members in this club. Let's take into consideration their spouses and other members of their families. Can we put about 4,000 eligible voters in this small residential garden as a whole of this community. Think what happens in the next GE when this community is scorned if the state rules against their favour and confiscate the field and only allow them ownership of the clubhouse !

Think Khalid, think and think fast, you moron ! You'd be no better then the old government when it comes to living up to your election promises....or are you even worse then the old crooks ? Walk the talk and don't expect the simple but dedicated and responsible folks of Ulu Klang to come begging for scraps.

Give UKRC ( the whole package- their clubhouse and their field ) back to the residents of UK with no deals attached.....or face the wrath of over 4,000 tax-paying voters and their families in the next GE !

Below are pictures of today's gathering at the any other Saturday morning from the days of our colonial masters. Enjoy !

Cheers Andrew Gopal...."keeper" of faith of the UKRC !

p.s. click on pic for larger view.


bruno said...

What if the four thousand voters turned into another tsunami.Khalid of his herd of lembus exco will be headed for NFC.

Shanghai Fish said...

Below is the conversation I had with Elizebeth Wong last night on facebook which I'm pasting here as a comment. It looks like the people of UKRC have been indeed taken for a ride. Over to you Andrew

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Stephen Francis
Did Khalid say if he's favouring the residents of UKRC and giving them back the clubhouse and the playing field ? Otherwise he can kiss his MB job goodbye for sure in the next GE. he's getting too arrogant and lordy these days, no ? Shades of UMNO is reeking thru !
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Elizabeth Wong
as the recommendations by the taskforce, the members are given the opportunity to purchase the clubhouse, but the public grounds remain as public, not private grounds.
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Stephen Francis
Mere recommendations by a "task force" ? What happened to the election promise then ? And the members comprise of residents of the area who are the "public" ! This is a new twist, right ?
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Dr.Hisham said...

If its a 'Public ground' as mentioned by Eli, it will be interesting to know who declared it a 'public ground' and how come UKRC was allowed to control and maintain the so called 'public ground' for the past 54 years with its own funds? What the hack was the local council and State government was doing than? MB Selangor and Eli shoul be transparent and make the 'taskforce' report public. Let the people judge if the Pakatan rakyat State is transparent or cheating the rakyat.

zorro said...

This is the first time I am hearing about a Task Force! Purchase the clubhouse. Damn, the members funded the building of the clubhouse over the years. They filled up the pond and turned it into one of the best international sized fields. They took away the Jalan Timor field, TPCA, and the FAS field among others. UKRC next? Over our dead bodies.

Razali, Ampang Jaya said...

UKRC can purchase the clubhouse.The field is a public ground. What nonsense. Isn't the whole piece of land is one lot. If they can purchase the clubhouse house, that means they have got the right to the whole piece of land, isnt it Stephen Francis?
If it a Public ground, how come UKRC is in control for the past 54 years? Is Pakatan Rakyat a 2x5 party? Let the people decide in GE13.

Jason Lim, Kuala Ampang said...

Since when did UKRC field became a public ground? Bullshit of Pakatan Rakyat? Go check your facts right Eli? For all we know, Khir Toyo whom messed up and robbed UKRC's playing field and made it an Open Space after failing to built his dream condos. Cant you people in the EXCO correct the wrong doings of the previous government?. We voted for change but looks like the Pakatan also behaving the same ha!

Zakaria, Ukay Heights said...

Make the task force report public.
Than the people of Ulu Klang and Selangor will know if the report is fair and the Selangor government is transparent towards the UKRC issue.

Prof. Azman said...

This Pakatan Rakyat government also looks like eyeing for the UKRC field. First State control, after that State degazette it and turn it into commercial/condominiums, like what toyol was trying to do. To all Selangorian, dont vote Pakatan, if they screw up UKRC.

Dr. Omar Din said...

I suggest to Andrew and company, start a fund to save UKRC. I hope all Selangor sports fan will join force too. I will chip in RM300 for a start and lets take the Pakatan rakyat government to court. We the Ulu Klang people are cheated by the Pakatan Rakyat Government.Cant the MB see and think how much UKRC has contributed to the people of Selangor?

Anonymous said...

AP's and Taxi Permits fatten these pariah economic parasites and what is worse, they have the licence to kill.

“One of them got up from his seat and began swearing at Darren with several others joining in. Within seconds, four of them cornered Darren and began kicking and punching him repeatedly.“Others used sticks and the rest used plastic chairs to hit Darren,” Goh said, adding that one of them even hit Darren with an iron rod. When the shopowner and staff members intervened, the group fled on motorcycles. Goh said she had called the police. She said that with the help of some members of the public, Kang was taken to the Damansara Utama Specialist Centre where he was pronounced dead upon arrival at 4.15am..." (

Darren Kang's murder will be avenged.

Raja Faizal said...

Yes Dr. I will contribute another RM300. Just dont understand this Pakatan Rakyat government. We voted for a change. Now they are playing dirty with the UKRC issue. Why cant the MB think for himself and want to depend on the taskforce report. Smell ratlah bro.

Raja Faizal said...

Yes Dr. I will contribute another RM300. Just dont understand this Pakatan Rakyat government. We voted for a change. Now they are playing dirty with the UKRC issue. Why cant the MB think for himself and want to depend on the taskforce report. Smell ratlah bro.

Dato' Zainal said...

Hear MB will be making a decision tomorrow on the UKRC land issue. Look likes MB is taking the UKRC issue seriously, right?
Andrew should get a Datukship for all his struggle to keep UKRC for the local community. Hope there are royalties reading your blog Stephen.

Shanghai Fish said...

Well Dato' Zainal, I too hope for a uncompromised end to this UKRC issue. Yes, Andrew works hard to resolve the issue, just as passionately as all you good people of the same community.
It will be a crying shame on the PR's part if they go against their election promise and right now MB Khalid is walking on very very thin ice. the facts are laid bare before him to decide to make an election promise come true for the simple residents of UK, like a gentleman as a mistake in handling this issue will cost him a title of "liar" and PR to lose about 4 thousand votes in the next GE.
keep your spirits up and and pray for Khalid to have good sense and reason beyond personal financial gains.
Me....I'm just another ordinary Malaysian standing by his fellow Malaysians for a better tomorrow and brighter future for our kids, just like you Dato'.
Cheers !

Razak said...

Why cant MB go and see himself how UKRC is managed. At least than he would have a better picture to reward UKRC's good work.
A well managed club for the local community.