Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The "creme de la creme" in our parliament, today.

What is wrong with this PN government and their ministers today and in the past the BN government huh? Every business idea that is from some small and hard-working entrepreneur in some company becomes eye-candy for them. Going back further during the corrupt BN era was the forced and coerced payment for "halal" logo. Who were the ones who had to fork out more and loose from their profits but none other then the individuals of small enterprises and who profited from this?....the BN of course! The BN government with its bloated agencies reaped in millions from the sweat and curses of many who had no reason to pay for "koshering" their products in the first place. It still baffles me to this day why mineral water bottles carry that halal logo. Why ?? Even gathering rainwater in jars will one day need an approval seal from this dubious government agency created by none other then that old racist and corrupt MahaFiraun himself!   

Then there was Uber which started out here and that too the BN government eyed it like green-eyed monsters for being a good business entity and immediately launched in with crony-related Grab and health-checks and guide-lines to claim a percentage for their participation as they threw in their brand of lazy and spoon-fed taxi drivers for good measure to be absorbed by Grab. 

Now, today in the news, I read some idiot minister in PN wants to impose a fee (I don't care even if it 5sens or 50sens) on an online shopping idea that is indeed great! Why?? Have they no bloody brains to be more creative then "parasiting" on someone elses' idea all the time? Typical "rent-seeking" leeches in Muhiyuddin's cabinet of lying and lazy politicians, no? Why go and tax on a workable idea that, in the past 6 months, has been the most ideal way to shop while staying home and away from crowded supermarkets and in compliance with the advice of the Health DG's SOP? Why, why, tell me why??? 

Below I've randomly uploaded some "not-so-bright-sparks" who hold top positions in the Moo government line-up. I don't need to name any of them. One thing they all have in common is that they may all have an IQ that's on par with my golf handicap, perhaps. If you're Malaysian and in touch with today's politics, you'll know what I'm talking about.....and that frog-in-red-beret lower down has nothing to do with this post and is simply thrown in here for personality comparison sake! 

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