Friday, September 25, 2020

Anwar ohh.... Anwar!

Only a liar and a bloody hypocrite will ever say "I forgive" to the one who screwed up your life, sent you to prison and erased so many years of your life with jail sentences and tormented your entire family. Can you ever forgive or even forget someone who did that much harm and pain to you and your family? I say bullshit!

Anwar Ibrahim...(here).....was one such man who was side-lined for so long and even imprisoned for charges he insists that were trumped-up by his then "master" the MahaFiraun. A man who once as recently as 2017, said he had forgiven the corrupt MahaFiraun for throwing him into jail. And all that time NOT once did that old racist MahaFiraun even asked Anwar and his family to forgive him, if indeed as insisted by Anwar, he was innocent! So there you go. Anwar the man who's waiting for his day of glory as premier of Malaysia, is but still waiting. 

He loves the game of numbers. Not the 3 times a week numbers game played in KTM (Kuda, Toto and Magnum) but with numbers of politicians enough to form a new government. The latest being yesterday when he called for a press conference to yet again announce he has those numbers. An announcement of a phone call made the night before to the King, that sent our poor Agong to the heart hospital. But he won't reveal any figures but insists he's finally got some really big numbers. But in that press conference he made a damning blunder. He said he's got a solid Malay-Muslim majority support to his claims. And he goes on to say he's got politicians EVEN from UMNO! What the fuck was Anwar thinking off? What is your stand with the voters? Are you with UMNO or are you with Warisan and DAP and Amanah? Can you be a man, for once? Was he afraid the rakyat may favour Shafie Apdal over him for pm, so he wanted to be one-up and fast with his numbers? Prison life must have really screwed his brains, perhaps.  

Here we are a few days ago in Sabah, where Anwar was campaigning vehemently with his Warisan partners to kick UMNO out of Sabah and be rid of race-based parties parroting Shafie Apdal's clarion call about "building a nation and not building  any one race or religion" and like the hypocrite he is, back in the peninsula, Anwar's back as champion for Malays and Islam! Hey Anwar, tell me if there ever was a non-Malay majority party ever running this government in our entire history? How dumb do you think we are? But we wait lah....tunggu, sabar  lahhh...until we see those numbers okay? Can you give any forecast numbers to "pau" for tomorrow's race ah? 

With your new brag about UMNO members joining you, do you think your partners in DAP, Amanah, Warisan and even from your own PKR will sit back and welcome these frogs from UMNO with corrupt track records to be a part of the PH coalition? Do you think we, the voters will vote for you or anyone going along with you on this? We will punish you when the time comes. We will punish you in GE15. We will make sure you never become a pm. We will crush your pm dream forever! That we the voters WILL vow to do just that!

While we are on the subject of UMNO, even if they are kicked out of Sabah after tomorrow or from Anwar's fairy-tale press conference revelations, I for one will stand for fair-play and for truth. Of course cyber-troopers on both sides of the divide are in over-drive mode dragging their respective opposition with their gutter politics in Sabah today. But I want to set the record straight for one "fitnah" that's in circulation these past few days, and that is as below:
This UMNO guy Ir. Shahelmey Yahya never vowed to tear down any church. Its a dirty lie by some under-paid, shit-stirring amateurish cyber-trooper. This is so wrong on so many levels. And I'm against all and any posting like this. Give him a fair chance in his campaign, please, even if he is an UMNO man. 

Happy casting your votes tomorrow, Sabahans and vote wisely with your head for change as change IS good while we in the "Semenanjung" will wait and wait and wait and wait and wait......aiiyooo...for Anwar lah!   


Anonymous said...

Lidah biawak. How to trust him if can love UMNO also. Same lah main front in SAbah then play belakang in Malaya.

Anonymous said...

#NSTnation Barisan Nasional's #BN candidate for the Pitas seat in the 16th #Sabah election tested positive for #Covid on polling day, today.