Friday, September 11, 2020

To the movies we go today!

Well, its Friday again and its time for some light entertainment. For starters this poster below in Sabah is a winner in so many ways to the ordinary man or voter. And I'm guessing nobody in the peninsular has the balls to so boldly declare his promise in a billboard and in English too! But then Sabah (...and/or Sarawak) is a different kettle of fish to fry unlike the peninsular, no? Well we'll just have to wait and see if this proclamation will indeed ring true when the State elections are over later this month OR if this is mere lip-service from politicians and their "politikus-speak" rhetoric we have heard once too often before! 
Then as I promised you entertainment, here the latest mishmash movie of some really funny "actors" who'd bring so much laughter, you just might pee in your pant...ies! But I must warn you this movie is Rated 18+  and can be quite graphic. Oh....and its in ENGLISH okay! Enjoy the 1st. movie offering of the day.

And as you cannot stop with one for the day, this 2nd. movie below is a VINTAGE CLASSIC! Nominated for Best Lead Actor, Best Director, Best Story-Writer and Best Everything in the World lah... so many, many times since 1982! And still the lead actor ended up a FAILURE. That's the showbiz news from UMNOWOOD today! But keep chanting the old mantra - Yukenduit, Dongibap and Kipidap!  
I must say a big "terima kasih" to the independent producers of both the clips above. They have my utmost respect and I give them a "tabik" (salute) for their artful editing and presentation. 
Enjoy the clips as I'm going offline now. All this laughter made me very thirsty too lah. 
Cheers to the weekend!

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