Thursday, September 17, 2020



Dear pastor/father/community leaders, 

Free Air-tickets for Sabahan Voters to Fly Back to Sabah to Cast Votes

Sabah snap election polling date falls on 26 September 2020 (Saturday). In view that voting is the responsibility of every citizen/voter, BorneoCare managed to get some sponsors to support Sabahan voters (particularly students & lower income workers) in peninsula Malaysia to fly back to Sabah to cast their votes. 

Please encourage Sabahan who can’t afford to buy air-tickets to Sabah to send  their particulars to: * * 

The particulars we require to purchase air-tickets for them are: 
1.  Name as in IC;
2.  IC number;
3.  AirAsia Flight schedule the applicant wishes to fly to Sabah; 
4.  Returning AirAsia Flight schedule; 
5.  The constituency of the applicant; 
6.  Email of applicant;
7.  Mobile No. of applicant.   

Applicants can contact the following persons if they have any query: 
1. Alice  012-2929839 
2. Maria  011 26135788 
3. Gwen Ng  012 200 6243
4. Joel Jalleh  016 2212 088
5. Edmund  011-1208 1030 

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely,

Spencer Klumai 

*Posting as received-courtesy of PK.

If I may add my 2sens to this brilliant FREE OFFER sponsorship by some generous soul who is serious about "change" in the poorest rich state which has been ruled for so long  by greedy thieves of UMNO disguised as "leaders" over 57 years, NOW is your chance to kick them all out of your shores and later to bring these rogues to justice in a proper court of law  (and NOT some bullshit court as conjured up by that "nyanok" old racist MahaFiraun and his dubious 'rule-of-law' translation).
And while you are at it, you can also teach that idiot minister of PAS not to ridicule the Bible and refused to apologise with his zilch knowledge on the subject to all Christians in Malaysia and in Sabah where they are a majority! Not one minister in PN or PAS or BN even once told Moo to sack that bigot. That's their brand of arrogance or so they think. Now is your chance to return that "favour" Sabahans!

So guys when you vote come 26th. September 2020, your one single VOTE can kill 2 "mocking" birds! 
Go for the jugular and Godspeed!


Anonymous said...

I just spoke 2 Alice one of the numbers listed n she said yes. 800 applied so far n they will accept as long as their sponsors say yes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen, is there a bank account to make contributions for this initiative?👆🏾thanks