Friday, November 09, 2007

Welcome to my "Hall of Shame"!!

Why do I get the feeling, we as Malaysians have become a failed nation with the emergence of "newly elected" morons uttering "crap" daily just so they can hold the attention of the moronic masses- that's you and me ?
First there was this kris-kissing (see side-bar picture) Minister of Education imparting his "knowledge" of national unity and fostering to lead a multi-national country and on the same breath wields out a deadly weapon as a show of "No nonsense" stance of the Malay race (and as one commenter quipped, even HIS origin of being a pure Malay is suspect !) and preaches of fairness and equality to all citizenry !
Now we have this pretty faced, Puteri Umno chief Noraini Ahmad( pictured above) whilst waltzing on thin ice and playing-up to the gallery, is parroting more rubbish and threatening bloggers with draconian laws ala ISA, OSA and Freedom of Press and Publication laws and accusing us of causing racial tensions amongst the various races and religions ! Oh my God !! Me thinks it is these morons who ARE the main culprits who create racial and religious tensions amongst us meek and simple tax-paying and non-violent Malaysians ! Hhmmm.... and this is called progress and a step forward for UMNO, right ??
For more text and comments , read my dear fellow-blogger, Nuraina's take, here !
This Puteri UMNO chief ( what a shame, she IS pretty, if I may say so myself !!) has qualified instantly into my rogues' gallery with her contradicting stupidity against mankind !!...anything against mankind IS a crime !
And by the way.......with "leaders" like these...............who needs a nation ?


Mat Salo said...

Bro' Fish (not like u drink like one :) ).. These people arr, just because they belong to the ruling party, they think they have a license to spew invective.. and potentially seditious stuff. Somebody ought to make a police report against them. Yes, we know who they are don't we? Don't they realize that they're the ones who are a threat to a multi-racial country like Malaysia? It's harmorny we seek brudder --not chaos! These idiots just want to stir shit --and then blame it on opposition parties, bloggers and the like. Sheesh.

Rockybru said...


not all office bearers are leaders.

and you still think she's pretty despite the ugly mouth? wear your glasses, man!

zewt said...

oh what sweet face... oh... what deadly tongue...

Anonymous said...

When crave for power and riches clouds your mind, venom comes spilling out of your mouth. A real life character which normally exists in comics storylines.

backStreetGluttons said...

maybe this ugly mouth tonguey dumb moron can put her forced forked tongue where our waiting balls are ?

We might just bring some much needed joy & reality to her hallucinations & who knows have some fun too ourselves.

She does look pretty bad u know.

Shanghai Fish said...

hey folks..when I said she does look pretty good...I was comparing her to the likes of Rafidah and Azalina....sheeesh man !...can't a man have an independent opinion ?
Cheers !

lady pot pet said...

Nyeh...just a pretty face with no brains (emmm..heard she's a holder of a few degrees...mmm..whatever happens to all these embarassing so called "leaders")