Sunday, November 25, 2007

Democracy-ala Malaysia....

Latest up-date:the following 6 photographs are courtesy of Reuters. Reuters pic 1 Reuters pic 2 Reuters pic 3
Reuters pic 4
Reuters pic 5
Reuters pic 6

elsewhere.....a section of the multitude at Jalan Ampang...
looking for divine intervention? the eye in the sky !
clenched fists....for reform !
their champion, P. Uthayakumar, waves to the crowd.
we want justice...
P. Uthayakumar accompanied by his lawyer M. Manoharan being interviewed by foreign press.
another angle of the interview.....
anywhere to get a better view....
more speeches by the organisers..
calling Gandhi ?.....
some atop the monorail to look at the bigger picture...
free supply of water for the marchers...courtesy of an ardent supporter...
the crowd dispersing peacefully towards Jalan Sultan Ismail.
picture taken from atop the monorail station, Jalan Sultan Ismail/Jalan Ampang.
hoisting their champion on their shoulders amid cheers from all around..
peaceful dispersal of the crowd..
close-up of their champion being carried on the crowds shoulders !

Yes, this was indeed a very peaceful gathering of thousands and thousands...( here I would like to keep the figures to myself, cos if I said, say 100 thousand then you'd probably read in the main-stream dailies tomorrow as 2,000 ! ....and I had tele-contacts with witnesses in all 4 points in the city centre ! ) of smiling and happy ethnic Malaysians of Indian origin, who were refused permission as usual, by our faithful men in blue, to hand over any document to the British High Commission of their plight !

I could only be at the Jalan Ampang area where earlier the crowd were fired upon with tear-gas and showered with "stinging" water canons at the junction at KLCC which was out of bounds for all...but the multitude was relentless and over on Astro channel in Al Jazeera(Ch. 513-on going through-out today and read here !) I saw images of arrests and people running helter-skelter from the showers and gas ! That about sums-up the violence for the day........NOT from the marchers but the high-handed and violent behavior on the part of the government claiming "open defiance of the law" !!
A tele-interview by Al Jazeera with SK Devamany (another MIC moron) claimed on the same programme about this country being totally democratic and the ballot box was the answer for all issues....BUT protesting is NOT the Malaysian way...heheheh !!!

My friend Anu aka Galadriel was almost arrested as she made her way from Ampang Hilir, but was released with a tongue-lashing by the cops. She said the crowd on her side was around 10 thousand.....!
Don't take my word for it....cos what you'd read tomorrow will be something else....!
To HINDRAF and all who who took part in this march I say....there is hope yet and peace !
And to be in a democracy means, having the right to peacefully march anywhere in our country !
Cheers to democracy- Malaysian style !


Anonymous said...

Is this how a civil society demanding justice and rights behave? Acting like goons? By breaking the law? Not only is there no police permit, there is a court order agst it! Isn't the police defending a foreign embassy?

Are you condoning law breakers? Are you condoning racist demands? Are you condoning millitancy?

Police made their point and seek to disperse the crowd from as early morning.

Why is the crowd still liasing around till noon and heard extended to Batu Cavs to the night and a fracas broke? Why are they confrontational?

Behaviours like this allows govt every reason to perpetuate the ISA, police permit for gatherings, printing press licnse and etc.


Anonymous said...

i dont think you are allow to use reuter's pix, even u put the courtesy unless u have permission,

Shanghai Fish said...

to peter lim,
Let me tell you that I have actually linked my posting to Reuters( click on the high-lighted REUTERS, please !) and have credited them.I even name the Reuters pictures 1 to 6. Hence I am not PLAGARISING someone elses work but have the decency to help promote their ?
And of course I too have had expert legal advice on this !
Thank you for your input and happy viewing.
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

ppl, is this a democracy country? NO man, its already autocracy and why coz ppl dun have rights to voice out their opinion and to ask for equal rights. Which party always wins? only one, why, why? everything involves corruption. why politicians become rich suddently, there is a reason for it. These ppl (in the pictures) are doing this coz they have no other choice coz if they want to go the legal way, they will be blocked in every way by our decent government. Because the rulers are all in their comfort zone, including our MIC no. 1 (so called), and he don't know how indians suffer and he'll pretend as if they are all well off even though they are all in the lowest stage. Indians are discriminated in every way, name it, education, political, society. But everybody else act as if its sumthing normal and it happens everywhere else. No way!. all these have to come to an end. What a shame to this country tht have gained its independence but acting like some uncivilized peoples , totally brainless, but living in a civilized world. Shame to malaysia.

Why not equal rights! why malays must have special treat! why? that's everyone's question. It might not seem to be bias in the eye of malays because they are experiencing every gold bar in the country. Just look at the number of malay scholars whom i would say do not deserve it, and look at how much other races have to struggle to get into something even though they are holding really impressive results! After all, everyone knows that there is also corruption even in the exam marking system. Malays, if u were treated like that, wat would you u do. and i must say, if you were not treated like that, you won't be this lazy and slow growing. Look around ppl, don't just talk.

I'm really feeling shameful to be a malaysia, coz i belong to an uncivilized community to whom i can't even talk! I don't blame specific ppl but i blame everyone.

Now, indians are looking uncivilized fighting for their rights, but that is the only way to deal with uncivilized nation.
I salute their decision! Your hard work will pay off!

Anonymous said...

Good Show HINDRAF,

As we speak, UMNO is already making plans to prove that they have the upper hand.

You have just done BN a favour by pulling back the malays to support UMNO and destroy all the hard work of the opposition parties to make the malays think before they ballot.

To use religion and race for your aims when you are the minority,not united nor organised is suicidal and UMNO will beat on every war drum to tell you who is the boss and who holds the majority.

You have just shot yourself in the head.

Anonymous said...

This is a reply to Joe Fernandez,

How long does indians need to wait to get permissions? do you think they allow?

Actually they want to go legally but permission not given... break the rules...

Da Real Deal said...

Well Done Hindraf.

You have just lost Indian representatives their seats in Indian minority constiuencies.

Anonymous said...

kena sembur water okay wat. the malays in batu buruk terengganu kena tembak live bullets summore. relax aa brader, baru kena sikit dah mahu nangis ka?

Anonymous said...

Good show Malaysians!!! You were carrying posters of Ghandi...The only thing missing is the Indian flag!!!

Vineeth said...

Joe Fernandez ... We all know, you are the just another Brainless F***** because you are just repeating what UMNO and MIC was staying. If you have brains, try to write something which comes out of your brain..

Ooops!! Sorry, i forgot that you never had one...

Vineeth Menon

Anonymous said...

joe fernandez,

seriously, u were not there. people behaved peacefully and they were not confrontational at all. no doubt some of them look like they are tamil movie villains and not fair and pretty like a malayali fernandez... still u were not there to see this people.

i am deeply touched by what happened yesterday.

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Fish!

I salute my brave brothers and sisters.. Indian, Chinese no matter. It took a lot of balls to participate and I respect that. I can imagine after decades of being downtrodden, enough is enough. Authorities should take note. MIC has ceased to be the voice of Indians in Malaysia. Alas, I'm in the swamps or could've walked with you bro'. Plus I was itching also to get great pictures like Anu did!

Great coverage - thanks!

Anonymous said...


you speak like joe of star column who sold his arse to the next bidder, not even the highest one. batu caves, asked the IGP how he lied. please, open your mind a bit and look at all the pictures posted by bloggers. who were the violent ones? goodness, dont sell your soul to the devil and if i am proven wrong ( with substantiated evidence), i am prepared to apologise to you, joe.
by the way, i have yet to see any evidence about a bus being torched by hindraf in batu caves! joe, can you please provide that?

Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for the Opposition in the next G.E.

But you guys have put fear in my heart.

If you think, I am a Malay for saying this. You are damn wrong.