Thursday, May 07, 2009

Zorro arrested !

*the arrest of zorro ! As the world watches us here
here (For larger on photo)
(pic. forwarded by NaSTYBOB )

7-5-2009 (5:30pm) Just spoke to Haris, who received an sms from Bernard who was just released. Guess all your prayers were heard by the "Good Man" above. Thank you.
Just spoke to Bernard on the cell-phone and he said that there were 48 of them arrested and they are being held in a large hall. No restriction to move about or chat freely with the others but within the hall and under the safe and watchful eyes of the "armed" personnel in blue. Their personal particulars were recorded and photographed ( like convicts, huh ?) individually and are soon to be "interviewed" by the SB ! Food was served in "bungkus" but Bernard hasn't the appetite to eat. As of now he's okay and not sure what to expect as yet !

Another blogger Helen Ang was arrested and has joined Bernard in the "holding" area .
(11:05am) I am told there's chaos in the streets around the state Secretariat building in Ipoh. Plenty of arrest of "citizens-in-black" and inside the Dewan the sitting is in a dead-lock as the Speaker, Sivakumar has ordered 7 BN aduns including Zambry out and "all hell is breaking loose" in pandemic proportions !

Even the "Camry" Hee is demanding the sacking and ousting of the Speaker, Sivakumar !
REMINDER to all Malaysians:
(here, here )

Blogger buddy and fellow Taipingite was arrested along with more then 20 others this morning in Ipoh for wearing
Just spoke to him a few minutes ago and he is being held at the FRU Headquarters in Sg. Senam in Ipoh !

My personal worry and concern is for the safety of bloggers ....politicians can and will take care of themselves I'm sure, yes ?

Sheeesh ! So much for 1Malaysia and all that bullshit !
Shame on you 1Malaysia !


Mat Salo said...

Thanks for the update, bro'... hope they'll be safe.

Anonymous said...

ganesan is the speaker NOW = @#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

There only 2 options for Najib to do

1)Dissolve the DUN and have a fresh election

2)Declare a State of Emergency

The PM must have courage and bear the full responsibilty if he makes the wrong decision.

For certain,the rakyat cannot go on living like this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for update on Bernard and the rest. Complete mayhem.
There are better ways to resolve this problem than such scare tactics.
People now are not willing to be cowed down via methods which may have worked about 30 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Bro whats the latest!!!

Anonymous said...

the mighty siva is ousted & his driver (crying?) is searching for him
2moro headlines : missing person again !!??

Kelly Khoo said...

hope they will be released safely. Poor zorro, wonder if he's allowed to smoke his pipe in there...

Anonymous said...

zombie is truly an indian adopted by malays lah !!

Anonymous said...

thomas su gave hee a rm50 note & she tore it into pieces : is it an offence, pls !?

kamarul said...

Finally! Allah is great!

Hopefully more culprits of social mayhem be arrested. In fact, they all should be rounded up and shot.

We the majority rakyat reject your racist and trouble making rhetorics. Look at Ipoh. How many perakians came to your support? doesnt that say anything?

Still clueless? Well, put it simply.. look at the crowd there. They are all from KL, and all affiliated to the evil DAP and PKR. Where are the local perakians? No where to be seen! Because the rakyat can now see through you and your lies.

All you trouble makers should be banished for inciting riots, for challenging islam and challenging our rulers. Waging war against the ruler is a crime.

Now with all you selfish assholes demonstrating on the streets and making a mockery of this tanah air tercinta, the police too are kept busy to make sure that you trouble makers toe the line. When the police are bogged down by unnecessary work such as this, do we wonder why crime is on a rise? A pregnant lady was killed today, and PKR ,DAP are indirectly the cause of this. When police are stretched, criminals are safe to roam.

i hope that you selfish racists all get shot. Just finish them off and allow malaysians to finally live in peace. We dont need you. We dont want you. Since you like SRJK C and T so much, u should all return to china and india..

Hope zorro gets heart attack and dies. he has insulted malays and muslims one too many times.

Keris said...

This people are the ones scaring investors away. We dont need this trouble makers now while the majority of malaysians are working hard to build malaysia and take her to greater heights.

We dont need your street demos to disrupt and cripple our business operations yet again.

Rot in hell PR and your goons.

Anonymous said...

Fcuk the POLIS!!!!! U bunch of idiot scumbags!!!! rememebr we are the tax payers!!!! who the hell are you????

shanghaistephen said...

to Kamarul,
Yes Allah is great. But whould Allah approve your "death curse" on zorro ? Surely as and if you are a true muslim, to curse death upon a fellow being is a great sin even the ever merciful Allah won't be pleased.
and I am sorry to dissapoint you, last I heard Bernard is alive and puffing off with his pipe.
I pray, may what you curse upon others not befall unto your own near and dear ones, my friend.
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

shanghai fish,

thank u for the update.glad to know uncle bernard is out n puffing away.he is a tough old man whom i respected alot.

and to kamarul,

do u mind to elaborate when did uncle zorro insulted the malays and muslims?
may i have a link to that posting ?


GobloKing said...

you too nice shangs.

pl like keris & kamarul are the one & same idiot. Just DELETE those type of comments lah Stephen. Like me. After dat, no more idiots will post such sick stuff on yr blog either.

Thks for update. I got the biggest shock of my life when I went on line NOW today - for the 1st time in WEEKS!

matt said...

Tks shangai was worried for master as there was no news from else where.

Bondtoad said...

This is the most embarrassing moment in Malaysian politics. BN fellow will say that this is "democracy". But please remember, people are not stupid. You will see the impact in the next general election. You win now but you will loose big. InsyaAllah!

Bondtoad said...


Why did you say "Finally! Allah is great"? Is there is a moment you have doubt about the greatness of Allah s.a.w. Repent my friend. You are straying too far from the right path. May Allah bless you and give you forgiveness.

Antares said...

Glad Zorro strolled through his arrest, detention & release with his usual aplomb. I might have been in that big hall with him as I was contemplating getting a lift with him & The Whisperer... but I can't leave my wife & kid unchaperoned for more than a few hours & I had the feeling going to Ipoh could turn out to be a very long day!

As for "Kamarul"... what can anyone say to somebody whose mind is so twisted? Decades of brainwashing during the Evil Genius Tun & Megalomaniacal Mamak Era, I guess. Your name contains the Sanskrit word "kama" (as in Kamasutra) so it ought to mean "Eros Rules!" - but obviously not! You sound like the official spokesman of Utusan Malaysia or Khir Toyol after a n intensive English course. Let me clue you in, Kamarul. I used to think the original name of this beloved land, Malaya, came from the Malays (as in Tanah Melayu) but I recently researched the matter & was amazed to learn that the Malay Peninsula was actually named by early traders from Tamil Nadu who named this place "Malaya" because of its mountainous nature ("malai" means "mountain" in Tamil). Thousands of years ago, there were no Malays living here - just a few scattered aboriginal tribes and lots of immigrants from Sumatra, Java, Siam, Cambodia, China, India, Turkey, Arabia and Godknowswhere. The majority of us are immigrants, Kamarul, just like Khir Toyol's and Syed Hamid Albar's fathers. Now, how do you like them apples, Kamarul?

tok mommy said...

Dear bro,

Thank God, he's been released and is safe.

Anonymous said...


you talk like UMNO, behave like UMNO but aint sure you belong to UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update. I've been hoping that the People's Uncle & Haris the Brave would be safe. God bless all you courageous and fair-minded souls.


Anonymous said...


go back to school.

Tiger said...

What kind of people wish ill-will towards another human being?
They may be Muslims, but they're not practising as good ones!
They must be allowed to comment, at least in cyberspace, everyone should be allowed their freedom to speak their mind, unlike the fascist BN government!
Also, give pro-BN people a chance to prove their stupidity.

Raman said...

Good to hear Zorro have been released.Cheers mate!!

zorro said...

Thanks Shang and People. Everything is fine with me. Your prayers and good wishes strengthened me prodigiously.

I will be worried if Kamarul can point to any postings of mine where I have insulted Malays and Muslims. I will be scared if Kamarul can prove this. Otherwise I am not worried and I am not scared so easily.

Anonymous said...

They said police and royalty dont take sides in politics.

This day we saw that the statement is totally untrue. They do take sides. So respect them in future?

looes74 said...

Don't cry when Isrealis decided to screw big the Palestinians in Palestine especially Hamas in thr process the people kenna.
What goes around, comes around. Soon, you would be seeing the top cleric leader in Hamas kenna dragged out just like Sivakumar from his Speaker's seat.
By the way, Nizar is a pious Muslim. You as a God fearing muslims, you approve this. What kinda Muslim are you? Shame on you!

looes74 said...

Don't cry when Isrealis decided to screw big the Palestinians in Palestine especially Hamas in thr process the people kenna.
What goes around, comes around. Soon, you would be seeing the top cleric leader in Hamas kenna dragged out just like Sivakumar from his Speaker's seat.
By the way, Nizar is a pious Muslim. You as a God fearing muslims, you approve this. What kinda Muslim are you? Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

when u say fuck the police......dont call them if u or ur love ones are in trouble.....there are lots of good cops and i dont deny there are also bad cops too.....just like people good and bad be fair when u make slanderous attacks on the police force....maybe ur friend's children and relatives are policemen/women.....have you thought of this when u condemn the police force for doing their job....ex cop 1965

Anonymous said...

good job coppers. next time keep him.

thepplway said...

welldone for the civil disobedience movement!