Wednesday, May 20, 2009

of shrubs...and nohair Sam !

MIC chief Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu held nothing back when he engaged NSTLive readers during a two-hour session this morning. He was straight forward to the point of being blunt with readers who asked questions which he had answered many times before. But he was also indulgent, giving a detailed reply to a question on his his hair — is it real or planted?

"My hair is real, normal hair, not what you think. I have not planted any hair."
* See that little chimp below ? My reponse and expression exactly !

With that declaration, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu laid to rest much speculation and rumour about his "crowning glory".

The colourful former works minister's hair was a hot topic during the NSTLive session yesterday.

Samy Vellu admitted to readers that he had undergone surgery to regain his head of hair.
*must have cost a bomb of the rakyat's money !

He revealed that he had had two bald spots at the centre of his head.
When he discovered them, he went to Australia for surgery to pull the scalp from both sides and stitch them together.
The method, called scalp reducing, closed the bald spots.

Samy Vellu said he underwent eight operations before hair started growing on the bald spots. "When I was returning home from Australia after the surgeries, an air stewardess saw me and was so shaken that she dropped the glass she was carrying," he said, referring to the stitches to hold the pulled scalp together.
* Hahahahahaha....check-out the photo above and judge for yourselves, folks ! I cannot comment on that Australian "shrub" for a "crowning glory" !

He brushed off questions on the MIC leadership succession plan, saying he not dictatorial like Adolf Hitler.

The colourful former works minister also let NSTLive readers in on what makes him happy — Indian food and singing. And after a lifetime in public life, Samy Vellu has one regret: that Indians don’t understand what he has done for the community.

Extracts from the NSTLive session. For the full version, visit

Kumar: Datuk Seri, do you know that Maika Holdings is the only company which started with more than RM100 million hard cash yet it went down the drain under your very own eyes and stewardship. Is this among your achievements?

Samy Vellu: My friend, you are sadly mistaken, it has not gone down the drain. The money is still there. Maika Holdings owns more than 70 per cent of United Oriental Capital insurance company. Why don't you read and understand all this?
*Yeeeaaaah....righhhhhhht Sammy, tell us more !

MSMRK: Do you think MIC can still survive in the next general election?

Samy Vellu: Very few people know the grassroots (referring to its working class membership) nature of the MIC. We have survived even the times of emergency. I don’t see any reason why we cannot survive under new brilliant leader (Prime Minister) Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
*He has often-used this line "new brilliant leader" even during the tenure of the last 2 premiers.... Datuk Seri, get original lah pleeeaze ! MIC is dead and buried since March 8 lah...!

IQBAL Hassan: What have you done to date to hand over to the next leader of MIC?

Samy Vellu: The MIC has a president, deputy president and vice presidents. They were elected democratically by the members and I am surprised you don't know who they are.
*Democratically "eliminated" by your dictatorial iron-fisted rules, yes, we know who they are !

Tamilselvan: Do you agree you “finished” your opponents in MIC with iron fist, like what you did to Muthupalaniappan recently?

Samy Vellu: I don’t think you understand politics. You talk through your nose rather than talking through your mouth. Nobody finishes no one in the party. Muthupalaniappan is still safe and going around giving a lot of statements against everybody. I’m not Adolf Hitler. I’m just an ordinary Samy Vellu.
* This guy is a really funny fellow....but hey...don't we all know they were all comfortably disqualified on "technicalities"? Hmmmm....!

Raja: Datuk, years ago you told Tun Sambanthan to leave because of his age? Why are you still holding on to power?

Samy Vellu: Thank you Mr Raja. I have already decided and fixed my time to leave. Not because of my age. But, I want to hand over to a younger man. But please do remember, old is gold.
* Yes...old is gold....You have been busy "fixing" your challengers all the time and on gold, you can only buy them aplenty if you hang on to power and being able to stuff your bank accounts in whatever corrupt means, right ?

Josephine: We like you so much but don’t overstay as we need new leaders. Maybe people like Murugiah to lead MIC.

Samy Vellu: I don’t want to say anything about Murugiah (Refused to take questions on Murugiah as it would seem to be interfering in the affairs of a component Barisan Nasional party).
* No comments errh.....Murugiah is another "untouchable" to him perhaps ?


Paul Nathan: There is widespread belief that Hindraf was born of the failures of the MIC, especially under your long but dictatorial and corrupt leadership.

Samy Vellu: I think you have an affected mind where you do not understand how Hindraf came into being. They just want to tell the government on the dissatisfaction of the community on a piece of paper with some 18 or 19 requests and changes that they want. Whereas, the MIC, had carried out for the past 29 years several matters for the government with research papers where it has mentioned about the community’s backwardness, their educational backwardness, the poverty ratio of 30 per cent, the Tamil schools... In 1983, I started building Tamil schools after having studied the conditions. Many of the news of what was done was mostly published in the vernacular papers. If you can’t read Tamil, it is not my mistake.
* so you do admit the communities' backwardness huh ? Then why do you keep bragging you have done soooo much for the community in the past 29 years ? Hey Sammy.... we, the rakyat, don't have to read of things in the papers....we can see it with our own eyes lah !


Kumar: What is your take on the political limbo in Perak?

Samy Vellu: Well, I must say, it is not the mistake of BN. It’s the PKR who started and went on a long campaign to rob members of parliament and form a government on Sept 16. I think the best solution will be to test their strength within the assembly.
* sure...shift the always ! Sudah laa...

Trey: Is MIC shameless? Why is your party fighting to be the speaker of the Perak assembly?

Samy Vellu: We are not fighting to have the MIC speaker. He is a BN speaker who represents the BN majority. I’m sorry to see your ignorance.
*Of course....No shame what...we got thick-skin....we are all ignorant dolts, and you alone, Datuk Seri are the "wise old one"....deiiiii !

Kumar: To recap Datuk Seri, MIC was rejected in Perak?

Samy Vellu: If you feel that MIC was rejected, you are wrong. But, it is the policy of the BN government to provide opportunities for every community and that is the reason the BN leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has approved this appointment (Speaker Datuk S. Ganesan).
* Sure.....go on, blame BN and not MIC......MIC is still in denial-mode, yes ? Forgot the first rule of leadership ?


Nothing but wind: Many say that it was you who wanted one minister for MIC. Is it true?

Samy Vellu: It is not true. It is already been there before I became president. It was done by my predecessor. After I took office, we had one minister, we have talked to the BN chairman many times to increase it to the previous status quo of two. But, we had three deputy ministers, three parliamentary secretaries during my time.
* And you keep to remain as "numero uno", in a non-existent party yes....don't you know you have become irrelevent Sam ? Blaming everbody else but yourself ! Poaaaachie.....dah !

BRE Anthony: Dato Seri, you have a good voice and sing very well, do you practice in your house with karaoke?

Samy Vellu: I don’t do karaoke but I do sing sometimes. Singing makes me happy.
* Nero playing the fiddle whilst Rome burned !

SRS: What are your regrets if any in political life

Samy Vellu: SRS, the regret is, that people don’t understand what has been done for them. Under my leadership, the Indians have progressed very well and today in this country, only 30 per cent of Indians still under poverty. The MIC is continuously pursuing the matter with the government.
*But MIC is irrelevant....don't you get it ? Makkal Sakthi is "in" and so is HINDRAF ! MIC is "OUT".
Period !


Anonymous said...

SV : my hair is real laa, no pluff u one , if u can pull them off , i give u one million ....hairs, ok !

Gregory said...

Direct quote from Samy Vellu from NST:
"There is so much of competition. It doesn't matter when people say we are not relevant because those who say so are people who are not relevant to politics."

That arrogant, self delusional man. Thick skinned and knows no shame. He goes on and on about people not understanding politics and yet makes a statement like that. If you happen to be reading this, Sammy, the people who say that MIC is not relevant are the ones most relevant to politics. They are the ones who have a poltical opinion, they are the ones who are aware of their rights and they are the ones who will be going out in droves, ecouraging their friends and family to to vote in GE 13. Instead of snubbing and insulting them, you should enggage them in discussion.

If you cannot understnd that, it is YOU who are not relevant any more as you do not understand politics. Get it, Sammy?

If you happen to put your foot into your mouth everytime you try to speak, just shut up.

Anonymous said...

" ...ayam kambing beg !! "

Anonymous said...

Once a mairandi, always a mairandi. Nothing will change that, even an Australian 'mairu' session.