Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Perak impasse' continues....sigh !

Here we go again !!! (here)
The Court of Appeals has granted a Stay of Execution and so Zambry who likens himself as a Gandhi/Mandela alter-ego is still the Menteri Besar of Perak ?

Just wtf is going on in my state ?

Can somebody tell me HRH will shake, shock and roll me of a dissolution of the Perak State Assembly and give Perak back to the PEOPLE to decide !!!

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh !!!


Dori Lukey said...


Anonymous said...

How the f^^^ can someone claim to be equal to Gandhi or Mandela? Is this ever posible? Who the mairandi is this???

Anonymous said...

Bro, the mairandi has declared himself as equal to Gandhi and Mandela. What utter rubbish!! How can he insult these icons??

Anonymous said...

mathematically :
zomby = gandhi + mandela .
gandhi = mandela - zomby.
mandela = gandhi - zomby .

sainstically :
zomby ...zomb...zom...zo...z...!

Tiger said...

In what way is he a leader like the 2 legends?
Maybe we should put him in jail for 27 years first!
Steady Stephen steady, the longer BN drags out this fiasco, the more their members will pull out from them. They are losing supporters by the day.
Another 2 of my staff just resigned their membership from UMNO.
Come 2013, BN will die like the dogs they are!

Anonymous said...

Bro I am not sure to laugh or cry..This TULKEH is full of rubbish to compare with those to great gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

hee : i look like a HK star lah !

Anonymous said...

BUT, my height NO lah ...sigh !

rahsia said...

Whether we get a fresh elections or not, the constitution as it is, is flawed. It doesn't spell out clearly the powers of the legislative, Sultan, Speaker etc.

I wonder whether if Sivakumar is still the speaker, will he let a motion of no confidence be carried out?

I think that's also a part of the speaker's power that should be curb as it provide a mean to reject a legitimate motion. Just like the Sultan's prerogative to agree to a snap election request by the MB.

These flaws in the constitution should be amended to as clear as possible. Otherwise we can argue till the cows come home & the mosquito goes to sleep.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed so sad to see you blogging about this trajedy and unmitigated disaster with full stamina, yet can do nothing about it...just like all your commentators ...and just like many other raving and ranting SOPO Bloggers of tier 4. How terribly sad indeed ! One good thing tho , not once did you say you wanna leave the country ( unlike many ball-less cowards who think they are smart )!

Anonymous said...

Only a fool like him can utter such a remark. Maybe he doesn't REALLY know who these two 'special' people are!!!!!

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