Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Enough is enough !

Should and can we take anymore of this menace ? It breaks my heart to hear of yet another "snatch-theft cum death" (read the whole story here !) Imagine the trauma the family has to go through ! Damn !

What has our society come to ? Is there a single day when we don't read of these "motherfcuking" murderers committing some kind of crime or other , on wheels ?
I say , not only do we confiscate their bikes but also flog them in public if and when they're caught before passing sentence....which seems like a grand idea BUT can the police really get them ?

I am too distraught to continue !
Sheeeesh !!!


Anonymous said...

if only our police are doing what they are supposing to catch robbers, thieves and prevent crime. but instead what are they busy these days? arresting innocent people- people who are peaceful and are no threat to anyone at all.
time we sack all those police at the top.

Anonymous said...

who is next today ?

Anonymous said...

dont worry about these crimes

its just a perception. I didnt say that. Just borrow from the great IGP, ex Home Minister Al-Blur and PKFA shame Chor.