Saturday, May 02, 2009

How I wish.....

I was robbed at "parang-point" of my wallet, gold chain and cell-phone 9 years ago, my house was broken -into and my hi-fi and palm-top and some cash stolen about 6 years ago and my favorite pair of shoes were stolen from my home in January last year.

Yes, I made a police report dutifully, each time and twice my story was reported in the newspapers and till today nothing came out of it and neither was anyone arrested nor were my items ever recovered, especially my shoes !! Hmmmm.....sounds bad huh ?

And the reason for this post ? Read here
Only early yesterday this happened and already 3 men are detained and in custody ! Shucks !

Now how I wish I was that important !


Unknown said...

yo bro,

sorry tohear that you are a victim of crime as in so many malaysians and i think half the malaysian families are victims of crime at some time.

i posted the same story and was wondering how much cash and valuables were stolen...

Mr Bojangles said...

How rib tickling!

"ACP Zainuddin managed to free himself and contact the police. He later lodged a report at the Tampoi police station."

The policeman making a report to the police!

Of course suspects will be nabbed almost immediately after the offense.

But fret not, my friend, that nothing came out in your cases.

Our cops have SOP in case one of their kind is accosted...just round up the nearest Indon, Bangla, or even Indian.

They may not even have been remotely near the copper's house at time crime was committed. The order went out to just grab the usual suspects off the streets.

matt said...

How can hawkeye you want people to know how much a cop is worth,no way .