Saturday, May 30, 2009

.....creating a "Humane Selangor" arse !

UPDATES: read a 15 year old's take ( here) on the same subject ! We can learn something from her....perhaps ?

Malaysians by and large are a "caring" lot ! Yes...a "selective" caring lot with ulterior motives indeed......if I may say so !

We are willing to spend millions of tax-payers ringgits to assemble entire battalions, donning "state-of-the-art" equipment and shipping/flying them off to "save" the world ! And this too is to very "selective" nations only........if you get my drift......hmmm !

We have pledged more millions of ringgit to those "selective" countries and supplied "experts" to rebuild entire war-torn countries.....BUT we have not lifted our sorry arses nor a finger to the plight of dogs abandoned on an island right in our own back-yard !

Read here and here why only a very small group of really caring individuals are doing and you tell me the many fcuk-ups we (read you and me) have done and failed as a "caring" society ! It equates to mere lip service !

Why the indifference ? Are human lives more important then dogs, you might wanna argue, yes ?? Are we ALL not creations of God or Allah ?

Surely these animals have as much right to live on God's good earth just as you and I are and frankly
hey, these dogs are more grateful/loyal then us, human beings. Don't you agree ?

I want to call on Ronnie Liu ( Selangor State Exco for Local Government Committee chairman) to give me answers fast, now ! I guess this blooming shit started with this committee when the caring "stopped" after 8 March 2008, yes ?

I want to remind this committee not to fail us , the tax-paying voters
and take us for granted of the promises made pre-8 March...kapish ?


Anonymous said...

less than 10% of the tax ringgits comes from bumi who dun or alternatively contribute to zakat BUT
they reap the MOST eg. scholarships
......& etc !

Anonymous said...

Aiya shangai that is why i mantain that politician most of them can be classified as one a thief the other a robber.

nstman said...

Nowadays, if you have not noticed, Ronnie Liu talks and behaves like the dreaded BN mutts. And his body language appears similar to Toyol's mutts. Hey, Ron, pse be yourself. Behave like a PKR man. And drink more beer instead of thinking of ways to reduce the sale of alcohol. Bloody shit.

WY said...

dear stephen,

firstly, the local laws only have allowance for Killing dogs..i don't know whether there's SPCA in malaysia.

i think it is time that we lobby for animal protection act..and the PR govt should carry that for their next election.

however, it is unfortunately to say, half of the 70% of the country population (aka 50% of all Muslim) actually wants dog to be prohibited. So, much for caring of animals.

Lastly, it was the action of the locals who shipped the dogs out. To take legal action against these people would be difficult,if not impossible.

i think you got to give the PR Selangor Govt a break, esp we have been giving so mUCH break to the khir toyol's company for 51 years.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Sikh family in new 'bodysnatching' case

A Malaysian Sikh family is demanding to be given the remains of their relative who Islamic authorities say had converted to Islam, in the latest "body snatching" case to hit the country.

The family's lawyer said that religious authorities insisted Mohan Singh, a 41-year-old art director who died of a heart attack last Monday, had died a Muslim -- a claim the family disputes.

His body has been kept at the mortuary of a government hospital in central Selangor state which has refused to release the remains to the family, lawyer Rajesh Kumar told AFP.

"When he died, he was a practising Sikh, he never told anybody and nobody knew that he had converted to Islam, including family and close friends. His identification card to date stated that he is still a non-Muslim," Kumar said.

"The family is very upset. All they want is to claim the body and cremate him according to the Sikh rites," he added.

The lawyer said that the Islamic authorities claimed Mohan, who had directed some local films, had converted to Islam in 1992 and was seeking confirmation of his conversion from an Islamic sharia court.

"Our contention is that at the time of his death, he was still practising Sikhism and even when his mother died three years ago, he performed the last rites for the mother according to the Sikh faith," said Kumar.

"He wouldn't be able to do so if he is a Muslim," he said.

Conversion rows, including "body-snatching" cases when Islamic authorities have battled with relatives over the remains of people whose religion is disputed, are common in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

The tussles have raised allegations that the country of 27 million people is being "Islamised" and that the rights of the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities are being eroded.

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