Thursday, May 28, 2009

of missing "fugitives" and kids !

For some very strange reason these 2 persons, RPK and PI Bala (pics above) have disappeared into thin air !( read here)

I find it rather suspiciously strange that the immigration records of entry or exit from our country which can boast of having the best surveillance force in the region if not the world, can let these very high profile (now known as fugitives and linked to the same mystery ? ) personalities slip through their network ! Or is there "more then meets the eye" reasons to it ?

Well at least we know of one who came into Malaysia and was blown to smitterins with absolutely no entry records. Hmmmmm....but that's a different story or is it ?

Is our Immigration department so relaxed that anyone can actually come and go as they please without proper documentations ? Are there some "traitors to the King and Country" within ? And are they not supposed to be working hand-in-hand with all the other relevant agencies e.g. the Police, the Home Ministry et cetera ?

We have a "super-highway corridor" where our computing technology is "top-of-the-range" in the region, so surely information linking and records are accessible to all the different agencies with a click on the key on the how come one does not know of the other by just clicking on-line, yes ?

It sickens me now to know that all those unsolved missing children could have been abducted out of this country too ! And hey...who knows that guy standing/sitting beside you right now could have come here from anywhere.....and can just as well leave (after having his way with you... or even after murdering you !) the way he came in !

Still wondering huh ?.......... Frightening, yes ?


K L said...

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You may find the answer to our great Immigresion Dept !

Goh Wei Liang said...

It is really mind boggling how RPK can slip through to Australia without detection.

The Australian authorities ought to check on this matter because the Malaysian police has listed RPK under Interpol

As such, Interpol is required to respect the extradition if any.

Malaysia and Australia has a treaty of extradition.

RPK has to return to respect the law and provide concrete evidence on the murder of Altantuya.

If he can provide such things, he will be able to save Azilah and Sirul.

Unless of course, RPK has been lying all the while.

bennyloh said...

Goh Wei Liang said...

It is really mind boggling how RPK can slip through to Australia without detection.

...and Bala slipped through whose arse, may I know?

Anonymous said...

How on earth did this goh feller ever get through his exams. He mut be bribing his way thru.

AG & IGP are both clowns.
AG lost in the extradition case of a former malaysian banker from Australia in a case involving millions.
That banker is now the mayor of a town in Australia.
In malaysia AG can win cases bcos of loaded benches, overseas he is laughed and sneered at.
Like the pathetic forgery he attempted to win at the Hague….S`pore won the case.
RPK is a dual passport holder (mum was from UK) so after attempting the extraditing, AG will be extricating himself (after he`s made a thorough fool of himself).

- Banker

Tiger said...

Malaysia also has a number of kidnapped children whose limbs will be amputated upon arrival in Thailand and they are turned into beggars!
Who's looking into this?
Police too busy arresting citizens gathering peacefully!

Anonymous said...

semivalue's false hair is missing but does it fit onto RPK !?

GobloKing said...

I dunno if it was entrapment that failed but this story abt our immi is for real. First hand.

Some years back, "someone" I know real well applied for an ic they lost. In JB the officer in charge was nice. He volunteered to change the DOB ie set it back 2 years on his system for this person.

So what if the BC doesn't jive? no worrries mate. nowadays only ics are proof needed if you already have an existing passport.

Although this person is no spring chick & probably needed to stay young...but this is ???

So if someone so junior can change something that important like a DOB with just a click of a button -what more immi records?

Depends on who you know. And btw that click was absolutely gratis.

resident.wangsamaju said...

Maybe RPK can do a posting on this escapade? Since this story broke, I dead curious how people can slip out without a passport. Need to know, who knows it might come in handy when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

WHY curious ? aminah slipped in
without records in the department concerned so likewise laa !!
where would u like to go ....? cheers