Sunday, February 03, 2008

"biadap" or insolent behaviour !

"It is extremely biadap (insolent) behaviour," Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said at a press conference yesterday after launching the Universiti Malaya Alumni Day: Homecoming 2008. (here)

So the good Prime Minister has condemned anyone who tears a photograph of the Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman . Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, if you say it is wrong, we the tax-paying people of civil society are all supposedly going to stop, roll-over and listen to your sacred voice...right ? Wrong, my holy Prime Minister you are dead wrong to even come to the defense of this man who has over-stayed his welcome and who promised to quit if we can prove the Election Commission IS not clean ! (read here again )

Go on and tell me if this so called "registered voter" is not in the list anymore ? I just clicked on to the electrol -roll and he is still there !

When civil society tears photographs in frustration, adjectives like "biadap" are loosely used to their satisfaction and convenience but.......................
whilst YOU my fair Prime Minister, was inside a hall in meeting with the Secretary of State, Miss Condi not too long ago, your OWN son-in-law lead an UMNO Youth (a.k.a. mat rempits ) mob to protest against the American government, chanting slogans and making a fool of you and the rest of us ordinary and peace-loving Malaysians and burning the American flag too, then it is "semuanya okay" and is in line with our "Malaysian way" and remember the rest of the world watched too, via foreign medias, right?......yeeeaaah right Mr. Prime Minister !!

People in civil society in this country, apart from the ballot boxes have NO WAY to show their displeasure Mr. Prime Minister...NO WAY......with your infamous ISA and as you know by the instances you unleashed your brute police presence at all of the various instances as shown and...... here !!!

Have a good Sunday afternoon, my holy Prime Minister !
God bless Malaysia !


Pak Zawi said...

Brother Stephen,
Beside having selective amnesia, where he can choose to forget any gentleman agreement since nothing is written down, he can also have selective preference for some other people (his AIL for instance) who can get away with bloody murder. That's him. What you wrote is absolutely correct, correct, correct.

zorro said...

Step One: Tear his foto.
Step Two: Soak him in indelible ink.
Step Three: Pack him into the trans-
parent ballot box.
Step Four: Do a nation-wide roadshow
to promote transparency.
Step five: Unlock ballot box after GE
is done.


Anonymous said...

only tear "foto" meh?

I ran out of loo paper not too sometime back, was hoping to his eminence gracing my butt.

alas, when you need one, one is never close at hand.

Anonymous said...

hey fish from the tearing of the pic is done next send both the 'biadaps' to zorros gas chamber wakakakaka

Anonymous said...


why get upset with the warrior2 fella. he is a cybertroopper paid to do his job. shit obvious aint it with his consistent comments all over the blogs. dont bother, such people conscience resides in the anus.
anyway, the EC's conscience, if any left, resides in the same place as warrior2.

Anonymous said...

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