Saturday, February 23, 2008

Launch of the People's Declaration (23rd. February 2008)

This  bonus posting is a blast from the past. Just to jog your aging memory...See what has happened in just 5 years. you still see the people today the same way you saw them 5 years ago ? What happened folks ?
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This morning around 11.30am. saw the launch of the People's Declaration or simply translated Piagam Rakyat by a group of concerned citizens calling themselves Barisan Rakyat at the Blog-House in Bukit Damansara !

The Piagam Rakyat, in a nutshell, calls for efforts to create a Malaysia for all Malaysians, to kill corruption, eradicate poverty, bring back genuine democracy, free Press, and an independent judiciary.(see here for rocky's updates)

Endorsing the the Declaration formally and with anticipated approval and continuous applause from a crowd of about 120 "like-minded" and deeply concerned citizens, were representatives from DAP, MDP, PKR, PAS and Pasok a party based in Sabah.

Haris Ibrahim- dubbed the "wild man of apolitics"- was as usual as passionate and vocal about the realisation of this pet project "Bangsa Malaysia" together with other "marked" friends in the Malaysian blogging scene like Raja Petra, Rocky, Zorro, Nuraina, Malik, Tony Yew, AminIskandar and Shar101 who put on a a  lot of effort working diligently "behind the scenes". There were other bloggers, spouses and friends too giving their Saturday time, voluntarily to make things as comfortable for the guests in the scorching heat in Blog-House!

Everyone from Wee Choo Keong to Chegubard, Nurul Izzah, Ronnie Liu and Dr Siti Maria spoke for a few minutes about the People's Declaration and their committed stand in implementing this as best as their party's stand for a really "united Malaysia" with Tony Yew as emcee !

By 1.10 pm. the attendees gave another thunderous applause to the "People's Declaration" bringing the event to a close and were then treated to a sumptuous "briyani" lunch and satay........

My kudos to the organisers of this really memorable day and my special thanks to all party representatives present, for working together for the Barisan Rakyat dream !

Long live Bangsa Malaysia and the People's Declaration ! Your vote has to be the one smartest thing you do for this country or otherwise "stop bitching" and forever hold your piece or peace or piss or whateveeeer  !!!!....... cos you deserve the government you voted for !!

Now the citizenry and I are watching you as you walk what you have talked..............Cheers !

(left to right)Wee Choo Kiong (torso only), Haris Ibrahim, Ronnie Liu and CikguBard
Cikgu Badrul (PKR)-Rembau
Wee Choo Kiong(MDP)-contesting Wangsa Maju
Dr. Siti Mariah(PAS)-contesting in Kota Raja
Wee Choo Kiong and Haris Ibrahim
Nurul Izzah Anwar and husband Raja Shahril
Malik Imtiaz
women power...and guests....below onwards
last but not least.... Zorro and SK Tiew
Cheers !

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