Saturday, February 02, 2008

Police arse !

Speaking of proffessionalism in our police force.....huh ?

Let me tell you an actual account that happened in my neighbour-hood a couple of months back .

See, I live in a double-storey house over-looking a playground which is also brightly lit at night and I, being the skeptic worrier and armed with full knowledge of the rot and rising-crime rate critic that I am, will always be on the look-out for anyone behaving suspiciously my neighbour-hood public playground.

This particular evening around 7pm, there was a group of 5 youths, talking loudly and behaving rowdily, and intoxicated with alcohol (hey, I can recognize drunks and beer cans !) when one of them, rowdies actually walked towards a big tree in the park and started peeing in full view ( it was still light !) while there were other kids with a few adults watching, playing nearby on the swings and slides !

This public display of "peeing" prompted me to immediately call the police, whose number is readily available on my cell-phone. After the usual "selamat petang encik" and me explaining in a hurried and urgent tone to the police personnel at the station the exact scenario happening in full view from my up-stairs room, he asked me for my address and promised to despatch a patrol car far so good !

30 minutes later (mind you... hmmmm....all that bull-talk of immediate response within 15 minutes !) 2 patrol cars, lights flashing but no sirens, cruised into position.....from opposite directions and I thought good, this was an impressive manouver...just like in the movies !

From my room up-stairs I watched 4 armed policemen alighting in great hurry and approaching the then now youths, also hushed, but with beer cans visible, seated on the table in the play-ground!

Good... I still thought and after what looked like a "telling-off" and inspection of their ID's (No, they were not foreigners, but definately not living on the same street as I !) and hands waving here, there and even to my direction for about 3 minutes.... my worst worry unfolded before me !....2 of the policemen actually walked towards my house and rang the bell on my gate !!!!!

I could have died...if not by the hands of the 5 rowdies on the park....but here they were, the police, responding on a tip-off by a concerned and cooperative citizen of civil society....being exposed to the very rogues whose actions I had reported on !

I rushed down, after telling my kid and maid to stay out of sight, to give these 2 morons a piece of my mind ! And sure.... yes I did call them a few damning names for approaching my house while the rowdies could clearly see, the one who made the report about them !

Both the policemen apologised to me( out of ear-shot) that they could not make any arrests as they did not actually witness the "peeing" and the youths had apologised to the cops that they were only having a drink in the park.... but yes ....for their stupidity BUT then the safety of my family and I was exposed for possible future attacks, right ? I also told the 2 cops to get out of my sight and promised I'd report their "fingering" of an informant to their higher authority, which I did later that night ! Guess nothing came out of that !

So much for tact and proffessionalism by our so called guardians of peace and my cooperation as a member of civic-minded vigilante ! Sheeeesh !!

And right before I left my house and after the morons in patrol-cars left, I walked over to the park, half fearing and putting-on a fake "macho" stance , lied in a frustrated tone to the 5 goons who were now more alert and sober...that this has happened twice before......some "coward" in the damn neighbour-hood actually calls the police and gives a false address...which so happens to be mine, cos I am facing directly into the play-ground.( a stroke of genius on my part !!) They were actually a bit angry at first then amused... and eyeing me suspiciously, they said, its good to know these police morons are actually responding to anything these days ! And they also told me not to worry about it at all and even to forget the whole episode and that they were actually "gearing-up" to go Bangsar to party later ! Wheeeeeeew !!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Better take care, Stephen. What if those 5 rowdies read blogs? What if they read ShanghaiFish?

zorro said...

Your survival instincts are razor sharp. re. the wrong address part.We call that "thinking on your feet" - a skill very few possess.Proud to be your buddy.