Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy New Year of the Rat !

Here's wishing all fellow Malaysians here and the world over, a happy and prosperous .....

Drive safely and go easy on the drink......okay folks !!!
Cheeeeers ! ............Yaaa
aaaaaaam Seng !

Best wishes
shanghaifish and family.

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Anonymous said...

To Shanghaifish & family & All Folks!

Mouse Greeting the Chinese New Year!
Be careful which Mouse are knocking your Door!
so the following wishes for Year of Mouse come forth:


Translating the meanings into English:
Crooked Politicians be Ugly Mouse crossing the Streets
so every one can club them a bit.
Hearty bloggers be Mighty Mouse
with all the power against the evil might.
Citizens not be guinea pig
so not be manipulated as in the lab
All be happy as Micky Mouse in Disneyland!
Remember to CLUB the Ugly Mouse in Coming GE!