Monday, February 25, 2008

David vs. goliath

Yes is David verses the goliath....not in the very text as for the latter, but this humble and people-orientated servant of the rakyat with little means BUT with a roaring passion to see a cleaner and more united Bangsa Malaysia, Badrul Hisham Shaharin or more popularly known as CheguBard is taking on the might and money of the "protected- one" Khairy of BN in Rembau this GE.

He needs all the help and assistance, mostly in cash, to crush the vulgarly cash-rich, "father and son-in-law dynasty" once and for all ! And he needs you to help him do go here and here to help him for a better Malaysia and a brighter future for your young ones !

God bless Malaysia !!

*pic. courtesy of rockybru


Anonymous said...

Yes lets give full support to the opposition.

The Barisan Rakyat poster as published in RPK's MT website looks great and patriotic enough for sure. Perhaps also that one of the manifesto of the Barisan Rakyat is to establish a "Bangsa Malaysia" which the BN never dare to declare all this while due to unknown reasons.

This will be a good point to tap on actually. In addition, the Barisan Rakyat for sure should can get good support this time round especially from the Indian and Christian communities who've not been in the good books lately due to the following :

Indian Community - Being marginalised in various aspects as compared to their Bumiputera counterparts, from education, getting jobs at public service, deprived business opportunities and many still living in poverty that resulted in some of them turning to crime and becoming a public menace. The recent Hindraf rally speaks for itself.

Christian communities - Dissatisfaction among Christians towards the government have been known due the following facts :
i) Banning the import of bibles from overseas and prohibiting the printing rights of bibles in Bahasa Malaysia
ii)Restriction and many red tapes enforced for the building of churches, that resulted in many churches without any choice but to have their services in shop houses instead. In Terengganu for example, there is no Catholic church buildings or even Protestant ones, like the ones you can find here in KL but ironnically this is not the case in Kelantan under the PAS led government.
iii) The issue on the use of the word 'Allah' recently, that created a threat to most BM speaking christians here and also almost resulted in the Catholic newspaper "Herald" license to operate not being extended.
iv) Unfair court decisions when it comes to conversion of religion.
v) Body snatching and even snatching of christian educational materials from local bookstores on the pretext that these materials are a threat to national security it seems as they can create confusion among the Muslim community (please la... )

Therefore, reach out to this group of people as the factors above are good enough for these group of voters (who're now on the fence perhaps)to swing to the oppostion party easily. This will ensure the opposition gaining the extra crucial votes as these communities form the 'balancing figures' of the votes that may decide a party winning or losing.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Stephen,
Can u post this in your blog ? We are short of about 334 signatures. U can also delete. Sorry I am talking out of the main story line.

Anonymous said...

A letter from Ambrose to IGP. Visit :