Thursday, February 21, 2008

Go Samy...just GO !

This man has no shame....

“If the Indian community in the whole country decide they don’t want me, I’m prepared to go even now. I’m prepared ... but that decision must be made by the Indian community and not outsiders, because I represent the Indians in the government,” (for the rest of the story read here !)

You don't represent me, my dear Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu....YOU don't !Period !
All you represent is your pompous bloody-self and the parasites around you and you have actually taken credit for things you never even lifted your finger that holiday for Taipusam !

And while we're at it I could go on and on about the little you have done for the Malaysians of Indian origin.......remember HINDRAF amongst others ?

Why do you think they took to the streets huh ? I might not condone "hidden" agendas of certain moronic Hindraf officials but the common Malaysian of Indian origins, having bottled-up frustrations over all the years had a birth right to march and demand their rights too and...why and where were you ? Nobody who is not "pissed-off" will brave against the might of the BN water-cannons and tear-gas....while you were in the comfort of your arrogant" high-horse" !

All that will change come this 8/3 elections and you, Datuk Seri, are not standing for the PM's post for the whole country to decide will only be decided by Sungei Siput ( where not just Indians live, you moron, there are Chinese and Malays too !) and if 8 terms as Sungei Siput MP and 27 years as MIC President is not shitty enough......then we'll have to wait till hell freezes over ! And you say that decision must be made by Indians and not outsiders huh ? I'm a bleeding Malaysian of "remote" Indian origin, Datuk Seri and I have no allegiance nor do I pay my taxes to India..... and I am not interfering, it is my right too.....kapish ?

Maybe this Datuk has too much skeletons hidden that if he left now every agency in town will be all over him and his family digging for dirt......and boy there'd be plenty !

And for now Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.... to save you the embarrassment, you have my vote to GET LOST !


Anonymous said...

I think you are moronic yourself, its nothing do to with MIC, people like you who created this and now ride on it. Just another people prostitution for you own glory.


R. Shan

zorro said...

Wah, samy also got cyber trooper...people prostitution? what animal is this? Stop shan(t)ing like a train. Shan(ghai)I would not worry about running dogs who back a derelict limping donkey whose days are already numbered....give Samy his last hurray and then his son's case will come up as she is haunting junior. Samy as a farewell gift has been promised 5000 asli votes and 5000 postal votes. After this he has to disband his cyber troopers and one will go back to shan-ting the gravy train.

Anonymous said...

Samy wants to have a final shot I suppose before he steps down. He knows his suppport is eroding but however he still believes that he is the sole hope for all Indians in Malaysia and perhaps feeling to be the most credible indian leader in the eyes of his BN counterparts.

Hope he loses in Sg Siput & wish MIC as well will fall hard to the ground this time. The Hindraf sentiment is a good point for the opposition to tap on & take advantage, by fielding indian opposition candidates at all areas where MIC reps are contesting.

And it will be great if one of the Hindraf leaders challenge Samy at Sg Siput itself to bury him for good and kick him out of Malaysian politics once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Samy,

I got something to tell you. Come closer , please ............................................................................. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODAH!!!!!!!!