Saturday, January 09, 2010

the FD has "matured"....time to withdraw !

Are you sure your 1Malaysia is "intact" Mr.PM Sir ? You're not saying this in denial of the real truth of events that took place in the last 48 hours ?
People who had voted your government in and held you in high esteem before are now shaking their heads in disbelief of your stand in the "Allah" issue since the night before yesterday. Simple people who have voted your government in and placed you up on a pedestal are today feeling betrayed !

Just 13 days ago in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, you Sir, were saying you will change BN into an exciting party with an "ump" and be seen as the voice of the people ( here ) and the day before yesterday in Pantai Dalam you said....( here )

Alot of damage has been done since ! Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, no ?

Just in case you're wondering what I'm trying to say very vaguely here "in between the lines", and as a matter of interest, Sir, just read what one anonymous commentor replied in my last posting ( here ) and pay special attention to the key words "matured" and "withdraw":

Anonymous said...

Nationwide Christmas celebrations were held in Kota Kinabalu, the PM
gracing the event....12 days later he 'condoned' the gathering of protesters(we cannot stop them if they want to protest) which escalated into the burning of Christian Churches ...Sabahans, the "1Malaysia" does not include you his 'fixed deposit'!!!

The FD has 'matured'....time to withdraw.

......from anguished Malaysian in Sabah

1/8/2010 09:31:00PM


Anonymous said...

teh-O satu, roti ...oops gereja bakar 3... oops 4 !

Anonymous said...

Sorry Shanghai Fish, we are not in self-denial but in self - deception. Ramlax

Anonymous said...

beware of 'pergerakan pemuda umno' in pj !

Anonymous said...

forgive their dosa ...& they KNOW exactly what are doing !?

Anonymous said...

in the first place, how can you trust him? truly amazing what politicians can and will do.

Shanghai Fish said...

beware of 'arman azha ' from pergerakan pemuda umno pj ' !

1/10/2010 01:15:00 AM
beware of 'pergerakan pemuda umno' in pj !

1/10/2010 10:37:00 AM

Dear Anon who posted these 2 comments on 2 different posts today.....I know exactly who YOU are ! Be very careful !

Is this a word of "friendly" caution or a threat ? Be very careful what you write here in my blog. You seem to threaten me twice today with your warnings ! I have zeroed down on your IP address. I am not taking this for your own sake please stop it...ok ?
Let's live as always as Malaysians !
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

The good old boys of UNMO. Congratulations! You guys have produced some future suicide bombers. Don't you know that without foreign investments, we've got nothing. Without the other races, you've got nothing. The most important thing, is that your days of siphoning off billions will be over, and the shocking part is that you guys would really have to work. So, don't be stupid and end this madness now. I know you
think you're brilliant, but you're not smart enough to run a country on your own, without the other races. Think about it...

Kathy C said...

What the F? I just read the Star and 2 more churches was burned. And at the end of the article, the gov is saying that they will prosecute anyone sending SMS messages that "inset" fear. Are you F***ing kidding me? Churches are getting burned up and your stern warning is to the people sending SMSs and not to the F***ing idiots behind this? Am I missing something or is the police in cohoots with these morons? YOu best believe that if the situation was reverse and it was mosques that were being burned half the country would be in Kamunting prison right now. So much for NEGARAKU.....Rakyat hidup BERSATU dan maju. Regardless of your religion why is more people not upset about this? Where is the country that I was so proud of and bragged to my friends of being the model country for other muslim countries?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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